Hot and cold seats still exist

Ill first say, ive loved this site for years!!..but if youve spent as much time on it as ive did, you will possibly agree with me!..but the same annoyances still happening since ive started…

  1. Hot and cold seats still exists.
  2. Cold seats are always set up for failure, [2nd nuts called by 1st nuts. AWAYS AWAYS!!]
  3. Bad runs of cards last FOREVER.
  4. Ive been in many hot seats, but much more cold seats.
  5. Free chips mean badder players, I play and stream GG poker, this stuff dont happen in real money poker, nevertheless i can handle that, i play replay poker for practice but these OBVIOUS Flaws in the RNG hasnt been fixed in 6 years!!
  6. Late Reg to tournaments have never been able to get to 1st place. Your seat, Whatever table you are CONSTANTLY moved to gets instantly cold final table…ALWAYS… over 350 MTTS late reg ive played…not 1 win… and its torture coz im a freakin Great player and its obvious robbery, and no one can tell me any different as my real money poker earnings is 350k…Euros!!..

This is not bad apples…i love this site and its VERY useful to practice… just a suggestion… collaborate with some real money poker sites to get a new RNG, so good players who will spend alotta money on your site dont leave coz they getting constantly robbed!!


We are all aware of various bugs, glitches and bad players, but all I will say is, you can play here without spending a real penny. Which is why we like it.


It is free and a fun site-so ban players who get free chips lol, (then not a free poker site) … I registered late many times, sat out hands etc. and won my share of tournaments… Maybe u just had a run of bad luck here my friend:).


I DEFINITELY agree that HOT seats exist!
Just the other day, I was sitting right before a person who would min raise preflop with a2c, reopening the action to me. I was able to call-raise every one of my premium hands, and won a ton of chips.
If that’s not a HOT seat, I don’t know what is!


That’s called a good run and everybody has those every now and then.


Perhaps you were just playing against fish who didn’t know how to play against you. If so, that’s not a hot seat. It’s a good run as BeerEagle said.


Hi & welcome back to the forum @Bruin-O , one could blame or reward it on the seat, cards or self for not playing them to the best of ability. Some time’s when I fail to play my cards well, make’s me want to go out w/pupp & chase a parked car LOL

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I don’t believe in hot and cold seats. You make the best or your hand or fold and move on to the next one.


I find it interesting someone has actually mentioned the HOT seat for once! Usually all I hear about the RNG is woe is me, another bad beat.

I dont so much notice the cold seat. I’m usually pretty good at combining it with terrible play, so its hard to quantify how cold I’m running.

The HOT seat phenomenon is something else tho! Might as well just play any hand when the hot seat is on bc its so damn hard to not win piles!

Lmao beer eagle this site wont endorse you for defending it… but i will say this, if you agree that hot seats and cold seats dont exist then you one of the lucky people blessed by a very flawed RNG


I know a fish or shark when i see one…i play here to practice because 80 percent of players here are just chilling having fun and not competing, you find so many different unique play styles here…that you would obviously not find at a real money site,… limping here is the order of the day…

So if a player is limping in every hand and calling every single raise i make…regardless of the BS his holding… if his in a hot seat, replays RNG will definitely favour his flop to river…

And im not talking about one experience…im talking about 6 years of playing here!


Hey litenin…i understand what you saying, dont get me wrong though… you can be in a cold seat waking up to AA etc… MOST players here dont know how to deal with good cards so they prefer to shove preflop… it WORKS!!.. but only here… thats why i would advise Replay poker to collaborate with a different RNG, preferably a real money site, as that would better prepare them for when they tackle real poker situations… coz trust me… try pull off the plays you see on replay poker on a real money site… you will be left broke! me ive been there lol

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Yeah it took me about the first 2 years of playing here to figure it out… you will definitely recognize you in a cold seat when your AK gets called by the 22… or your full house gets trumped by quads… on the final table! Lol!..

Notice how one player in MTTs is always crushing at showdowns?.. notice the leaderboards always have 1 or 2 players leading the pack significantly?..

The seats are random… but… they exist!.. and thats a flaw in itself!

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This dont happen anywhere else… watch live poker mtts… watch live online tourneys if you dont play competitively yourself… 1st 2nd and 3rd places chip stacks throughout the tourney change over 100 times!!.. not this site… if i win a couple of great hands or all ins in the beginning…i can chill all the way to the final table…

you have played over 350 MTTs on RP and not won one?

That seems hard to believe! I’ve played many MTTs although very little compared to ring games on RP and I’ve won a few but lost a hell of a lot more.

I think late reg is a bad strategic option if you want to win - it reduces the buy in value, increases variance etc. Based on your OP it seems you hate Late Reg, so maybe STOP!

BTW my MTTs are low buy in or FREEROLLS. Even if you were playing high stakes - against strong opposition - and/or with BIG player pools most times, I find it hard to believe a good player, such as yourself wouldn’t win a few out of 350?!?!?!

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They don’t exist. Don’t take it personally but maybe you have no luck or stay in the hand longer than you should. Play smarter, the hands will come. Replay has no way of telling who’s who at a table and favors them.

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It isn’t the seat. You’re just another player blaming poor play on something else. You’ve accumulated 400k in chips over six years. Either you aren’t very good, or you haven’t truly spent as much time playing as you insinuate you have.


I can assure you it isn’t the seat, Poker is a game of Skill & Luck. It is possible to bring luck by playing every hand, smart and wisely for the best outcome

I think a few players are taking the HOT seat and cold seat expression a bit too literal. Its simply an expression. There is an expression called sun run in poker! It simply means you’re on a heater. Heater basically means a your on a winning streak.

These are all just fairly casual expressions used by pro players.

To try to argue they either do or don’t exists is a little ridiculous IMO, considering they are fairly simple and casual terms to express a periods of luck or variance in poker etc.

Can we argue there is no such thing as luck or variance in poker?

It’s an online video poker game that sells chips because replay poker is in the business of making money. It’s entertaining!!