Crooked decks

ive been playin poker for decades and am by no means a sore loser but the hands that are dealt are in my opinion BS.those who buy chips will have to keep on buying cause u will not be able to buy a hand here.i will continue to play but will never buy anymore chips due to a rigged deck.given a fair chance i wouldnt mind buyin in but i wont pay to play the way its set up now…im not convinced and was wondering if anyone else felt the same.

i am glad someone else feels same way as i do

i think others might feel same way and wont come foward cause all the answers you will get is

  1. site been tested is fair for all cards are random and not preditciable

2 bad beats happen its poker

sure bad beats happen from time to time but to me it happens way to much on here

i have started playing less and less cause of ridiculous hands being hit so unreal

I’m totally in favour of transparency and open to any suggestions about how we could demonstrate the randomness of the deck and the fairness of our game, which you mention yourself has been independently audited. So, if you have any ideas please share them and we’ll do our best to implement those suggestions if they help to give our players confidence in our game - which is THE most important aspect of our site.

i have know ideas

i dont want more statistics i can careless about play chips

its just fustrating when you constantly lose with 3 of a kind losing with straights losing with flushes losing with fullhouses

i just dont see how its random when i also constantly keep getting hands like 2,7 2,8 2,9 3,7 3,8 3,9

i have change seats dont work. i have went to different tables dont work

Im sure who play real life poker regulary, thet persons not complain.

Dont forget, in poker, its not metter what you got… what others THINK you got. Dont forget, whatever you got in hand, all is count how much chips you got when leave the seat…

I was noticed, online or real table, need only two strong hand in one night to double up your stack. You said, dont want statistic… too bad. What you want? AA KK KQ AJ ? If you would get this hand all night, I can asure you, you will loose. All. I loose more with AA then 72. lol. period. This is online game, users call anithing, I think if they would get plain cards, they would lose with thet…

If you not belive go to WSOP, then you see. I just can wish to go there. :slight_smile:

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been playin long enough to know the difference.theres nothing u can teach not convinced and never will be.i dont need lessons,just a straight system,and or deck…

Fingers1961, trav790300 - let me talk to our techies today. I wonder if there’s a way we can put a tracker on all the hands you are dealt then we look at the data to confirm it’s truly random, or if, like you say, you’re getting lots of low hands. How’s that sound? I’ll contact you both privately now to see whether we can work some monitoring system out. It’s really important for us that not only are systems are truly fair, but we’re seen to be fair. I think it’s important we convince you that it is, that’s our job to do.

omg i still say this is a rigged site every time i get 2 pair raise or all in somone with crap always wins at the river i think this needs to be retested 3 hands i lose 118k on 2 pairs to the dam river always flush fullhouse come on so unfair to lose 3 hands in a row

Looks all comment today is sarcastic. :slight_smile:

I really dont understand the comments. The game is poker. The best hits on the flop does not always win.

When i have chips in the pot and i have a flushdraw or straight draw on the flop (or i have a good feeling about my hand) , i call the bet on the turn. When the pot is big and i dont hit the turn i call the bet for the rivercard too.

Is it rigged when i hit the river??? Or is it reigged when i dont hit the river??? Does it matter if I play with 78 or AK?..i dont think so.

The hand is played when the rivercard is on table. Until then you can never ( almost never) be sure that you win the hand. You never win the hand on the flop, but after the rivercard is dealt.

And what i always say…the biggest fish is in the river. But sometimes the fish is too expensive and you get nothing, thats the risk of poker:))

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nah not sarcastic but if u look at 90% of these hand u would see what we all mean

everything u say,i already know,u said u dont understand?well,i believe you!

I quit. Your program is either flawed or skewed. Count the pairs on the flop, 4th card and river. As well as the straights, flushes and full houses. The probabilities are off. The players here play with more sense than other sites I’ve been to, however, when they call you down and catch the “one card” they need to win over and over again, it’s very unbelievable. Thankfully this isn’t real money. So long.

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sad joke rp wake up

paul real problem is that players go all in with 3 8 consistently raise preflop allin turn and win. You get pk AA and all fold before ur turn. Please face the real problem u and we know exist . Anyone can search pc poker cheat software and find 5 products under $100.00. And they rate them by effectiveness 4 you. RP avoids even putting these types of truthful answers on here so no one knows real problemeven tho you sell chips. This is pay 4 play . u know truth .fix problem. get fair honest moderators. Paul you talk bout honestly pride prove it do ur job. dont let this get like pogo yahoo rest sites . lobby horrible place 4 child or elderly. on you Paul.

amen fingers players know results 4 cards dealt u bet with those pk AAs ONLY players that beat u call u. SUCH bs joke. Help me show rp the truth by numbers people see problem. Long you buy chips no change and moderators use it too.When they and cheats see u can beat them anyway it becomes kill the guy with truth and balls tell it.

Read this answer and ask Paul is this class he talks of.

Paul look this classy answer. OMG

We can see u dont understand!

Dont quit this decent 4mat graphics. Some hope if u speak truth mean it buy no chips will listen buy chips no change. problem not card generators but cheat programs being used . IF not bought programs then this moderator gives this friend his program and son on so on. moderators hav them because RP gives them to them. When u start winning here come moderators to put u out. hahahe unreal doubt paul even knows . BUY NO CHIPS>

Paul talk to me?