Time to leave no fun anymore

I have been on this site around a year 55000 hands the site does not seem to play the same I have played alot of other sites so ido have something to compare it too. I will play my chips off so someone else can use them

55,000 is an impressive number of hands, thanks for choosing to play at Replay! When you say this site doesn’t seem to play the same, can you elaborate? I’m guessing you’re going through an unlucky streak and not getting great cards. All I can say is hang in there, your luck will always change. The important thing is we’re 100% random and fair, so the law of averages dictates that good times are around just the corner.

maybe a little off topic but had my fun stepped on the other day. I can’t chat anymore because another player reported me for jokingly calling an opponent a “sandbagging azz”. Seems a bit extreme to me.

my bad. chat is back lol

i think you might want to check your random generator. 6 months ago i had over 100,000 chips. Now i’m broke and can’t get to 10,000 chips. Some how 9 out of 10 times the other player gets what they need from the flop. the game is all luck nothing more. i find it hard to believe that the odds are right in replay. The same players are always fed better cards. It’s so easy to see, that it gets frustrating. It has taught me one thing, never play this game for real money, or spend money on buying chips.

After another 3000 hands this site is as bad as i think it is if favors the ones that play all day long and the ones that buy chips i guess

There’s absolutely no favoring going on… it would be totally the wrong thing to do.

Have a read through the Fairness Debate topic as it already covers player concerns and our assurances that Replay only offers 100% pure poker, with absolutely nothing added. Always has, always will.

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