Screwy program

i have been with replay almost a year and spent a lot of money a lot recently I questioned not getting chips that i purchased - u said i did and let it go. I don’t know how the program works but cannot begin to believe that someone can have 12 bad beats in 3 hours. Im talking someone getting 3 diamonds in a row after an all in or countless others today.

Maybe this is just a coincidence but if not you might want to look into it. LIke I said I have spent A LOT to play on Replay - now sick and not working and cannot believe that someone could go thru over $1000 in 4 weeks. Maybe I am just that bad. After the last 100k I have noe i will not return. Again I am not accusing cheating but there are things that dont seem right and in my situation I just cant afford to put up with this

Craig L. Dorse

Hi matman

I’m sorry to hear this.

As moderator i can be short, the program is fair, it is poker, every hand can win. And you never know with what hands the other players stay in the hand.

Sometimes i play on other sites, to feel the poker there, to compare the play style, mostly i play for small money, and i see the same things as here.

When i go all in with AK, i get called by player with AA, or when i go all with short stack and have 88, get called through player with 10 10 and i lose. (or one of us hit trips) I see 3 players with a pair calls an all-in. I see the same kind of flops on the table as at ReplayPoker. Cards and dealing feels the same.

As regular player i understand you and i’m sure all regular players know the feeling having days that you lose with all kind of hands. You lose with AA, AK, KK…you get frustrated, start playing bad hands, start betting too much and start bluffing. Even you change from seat, and you see another player is winning much on your old seat while you keep losing on your new seat. With other words…you lose and lose…that is frustrating.

Now i hear you thinking, she can talk easily with her bankroll, but i’ve been there too, i played the first year only at the low stake tables and Sit & Go 1k tourneys, i was happy if i won 5k on a day. When i had 1 million i started on the medium tables. And i never forget i lost all my chips (few millions) in 30 mins with the game “All-in-or fold”. I had to start with 2500 chips again.

As game the game poker is “not fair”, the game not looks who lost x hands and needs to win, it is never your turn to win a hand. You can lose whole day with good hands. You need to get the cards, need to hit, need luck, need skills, bluff on the right moment. And the guts to fold your good hand.

What is very important on ReplayPoker, keep your fun in the game, you often play with the same players, you know them, more important they know you and your play style. I know you like to play at the high medium tables, you have your friends there.

Maybe try to get back your fun in the game first, you dont have to buy chips, you can start with 2500 chips and start at the low stake tables, play the freerolls, and the satellites, just relaxing. Play, chat a bit, have fun. Do not think about win back all you lost, that works against you.

Get back the fun first.

Greetings Happiness.

Sorry to hear this Craig, let me send you an email now to see if there’s some way I can help assist.

I was not drunk, high or anything else when playing yesterday. We came back from break and I had pocket Ks. (Nice hand). I hit all in. The program folded my hand. Next hand i get pocket 4s and before i can call and/or fold, the program put me all in. Maybe it was working one hand behind what i was doing, i don’t know. I just know it knocked me out of a tourney when there were only about 7 seats left.

I would appreciate a reply, as this is now the second time I have asked about this problem without a response.

The first hand after the break. Possible you ran out of time and was to late for action, there was a bet, that is the reason your hand was folded.

Next hand you was in the big blind, you had less than the big blind, thats the reason you was all in.