Ripped off


Hey hey! I just looked into this for you and do see that your refund was credited. Sarah returned your chips and Anne-Marie confirmed it for you after you wrote back in about it. Due to privacy issues, I can’t share your chip history here unless you’d like me to, but I’d be happy to show you the admin log where we credited those chips.

I definitely understand that disconnections are frustrating, especially during those impressive hands. If you haven’t checked out our troubleshooting page yet, I highly recommend it, as it solves most technical issues that players run into. :slight_smile:



There can be many reasons we disconnect.

The problem might be in your hardware. If you connect via wireless, there could be a problem there. Your problem might come from your router, it might be your modem. It could be a problem with your internet service provider. It could be a general internet problem with the way packets are routed.

If the problem was coming from Replay, it should be more widespread. If the problem was on their end, many people would experience the problem, not just a few. They would find and fix the problem because it’s crucial to their business.

Calling this a “scam” seems a little goofy to me, especially since the problem is probably on your end.

This is where you call me a shill and accuse me of working for the site. Perhaps you should read some of my other posts before going down that road. (hahaha)

I just call them like I see them.

So, you are saying that replay waits til you have a good hand and then they pull the plug on you? Really? {rolls eyes}

after 3 years of playing daily only missed 1 day… I have never been disconnected, maybe I am lucky, I would suspect that your service maybe the cause, if not, your operation sys

dos a full house beat my 4 of a kind and i lost pure crap game

No… full house does not beat 4 of a kind. Do you have the hand # ?

i had 3333

You need to click on the arrow beside your pic , go the hands played and find the hand number.

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Get the hand number. With the hand n# we can help you.

he won with 3 tens not a full house i had 333 in my hand and a 3 on table thought it was mine but nooo grr

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Hand #317002246 · Replay Poker

That would be hand # 31700246 Omaha Hi/Lo…in Omaha you get 4 card dealt to you , but you can only use 2 … so his 3 of a kind 10’s beat your 3 's


Looked at your last 112 hands in the last 19 hours. You posted about 15 minutes ago. Hand # 112 you won with 4 2’s . Didn’t see any other 4 of a kind.

Please try and post a hand number , my eyes are killing me now lol :joy:

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Posted too late. There you go !!!

You were playing omaha. You gotta use 2 hole cards and 3 community cards so having 333 in your hand is a bad thing cos one of them is dead and not available for the turn or river. TTT beats 333 Ya live and learn, right…
Apart from that, Hello and welcome and play well

They only do it in the more expensive tournaments…

thank you very much for the help am scottish blonde an thick lol

No problem …glad to help.

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