Cudos to the Reply Poker Team

2 1/2 years ago, I joined your site and purchased 50K chips for $2. Your site has provided me with hours of challenging entertainment for that $2 purchase. I defy anyone to find a better deal anywhere. Keep up the great work. It is appreciated!


I’d like to add a ‘Kudo’ of my own… Haven’t actually spent so much as a cent for the hours
of entertainment I’ve enjoyed here, other than for the electric bill of course, but it’s been
very enjoyable here, for the most part - not crazy about the ‘bad beat’, but such is life, and
‘they’ are likely to be my own fault more than the site’s…

Meanwhile, I’ve been a ‘regular’ elsewhere, and so far this is the best in my experience…

Well done, Replay…

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Thank you both for the kind words! :heart_eyes: It means a lot to us when players take the time to tell us when they’re having a good time, as well as when we can do better. Your post has been passed along to the team and we’re enjoying the warm fuzzies. :relaxed:

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Kudos for the Pop-up windows for Add-Ons in the Rebuys!!!

This is hugely helpful, especially for us forgetful ones, to those interrupted, newbies to Rebuys, and those with other-than-English as first language!

I know it took long programming hours to get them all working. Another way you make it easy to come back to Replay!!!

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Just wanted to add my thanks to the site, it has been great in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

Greg (Fin506)

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I too would like to commend the team here at Replay Poker for making a simple, clean, and professional looking free poker site for me to sharpen my poker skills. Great job guys!


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Hi can you tell me how jacks over kings got beat by eights over kings ,RED77 thans

If you are talking about hand #242429084 here is why you lost.
pzktupel had 8c8sAd2d in his hold cards. You had JhJs5sAh. pzk bet ,you called going all-in TJGUY raised all-in and pzk called. As both you and TJ were all-in all 5 community cards were dealt.KsKcKh8h8d.
Your best hand was KsKcKh from community and JhJs as the two cards you must use from your hand giving you a full house of Kings over Jacks not Jacks over kings. (the set of 3 cards in any house are the strongest group so are the overs. for example 222 99 is twos over nines). pzktupels best hand was 8h8dK? from community and 8c8s from his hole cards giving him quad eights with King kicker over your full house. He had the better hand so he won.
If you want to learn about poker there are some good tutorials on line. You should check them out as it will help you to better understand poker in general and make a vast improvement to your game.
Hope this helps.
good Luck

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love this game rng on this is nice nothing to unrealistic top game well done the makers

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I too would like to thank Replay for this wonderful site. Having been on an extended losing streak, I decided a change of scenery might help so I joined the WSOP site. MY GOD that site is a mess. I played a few hands and left. Unsubscribed from their emails and closed my account. It is extremely confusing and hard to focus while playing. At this site the design is uncluttered, clean, and neat. Now if my losing streak would end this place would be perfect.

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Amen to a job well done. Thank you!

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In addition to the other accolades, may I also thank the whole team for their prompt replies to any problems which arise? In particular I had a problem with my nationality flag when using my ipad, and although it took a while it has now been sorted, so big pat on the back for the technical team…

Good to see that access to the knowledge base/game rules has been added to the tables in the lobby window. Nice touch and well done to Replay.

I find both the site and the posts (in the community forum) to be very entertaining…

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