Hot and cold seats still exist

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I think you’ve been on a bad run. I had one of those that seemed to last forever, lost about 90% of my bankroll.
This year has gone much better, have about half of my previous high end bankroll.
What you say about entering late is not true, at least for me.
I nearly always enter at least 8 minutes late, and so far this year have won 8 tournaments with several 2nds and 3rds as well. Pretty sure I’ve wound up Bubble Boy more than 8 times as well. I’ve played around 480 tournaments this year, most of which are in the High category.
I will say sometimes it seems I’m in a coldseat. Occasionally I’ve felt I’ve been on the hotseat, so perhaps there’s truth to that.
Have a great day, hope your luck improves.

Hot and cold seats lol. Try standing and playing for a few hours and let me know how that works out for you.

Yeah, I agree, has nothing to do with the seat you’re in.
Sometimes you just get into a hot or cold streak.

I’ve had days where it seems I keep hitting hands, as long as I’ve already folded. Then play a hand, of course I don’t hit. I call it Replay Torture, lol. Certainly most everybody has experienced this.

I get into a “hot streak” if I play the hands that are hitting.
Cold streak is when I can’t seem to win a thing playing mostly only premium or nearly premium hands.


Chance is lumpy. Variables, which ought to be randomly distributed, have a tendency to gather together inexplicably. Hot and cold streaks do definitely exist naturally. Problem is, the streak is only visible in hindsight.

This is actually a great point for someone who is highly superstitious about the hot and cold seats. Just stand up up and see what happens. Never thought of it that way before.


It is a novel concept for those constant players that believe everything they read about hot and cold seats !

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I honestly NEVER changed my seat in poker ANY where, here, casino etc.

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“1. Hot and cold seats still exists.
2. Cold seats are always set up for failure, [2nd nuts called by 1st nuts. AWAYS AWAYS!!]
3. Bad runs of cards last FOREVER”

Just finished a 7 card stud hi lo sitting on a cold seat

I folded a lot and played 40 hands in total winning only 3 hands and splitting one hand for about a 10% win rate.

The player sitting on the hot seat after 40 hands won or split 19 hands.

I’ve never felt impending doom that strong from this site. I don’t normally play 7 card stud hi lo

Bruin-O, you’re right on it with your comments above.

In 7 card stud, it’s hard to miss both high and low in a normal game.

That win rate 10%, is ridiculously low for that game even with the folds.

The high number of folds was due to the high number of bricks

It’s like a pachinko ball hitting the first peg and going right each time thereafter.

Then the next ball hits the peg and goes right each time again

Brick brick brick!

I enjoy this site just like you!

Win or lose

Just wanted to share my experience!

It could’ve been as simple as being outclassed and not familiar with the game and thus the 10% win


Very possible!

Maybe a combination of both created that 10% win rate for a high low game.

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I TOTALLY agree with you! I have NEVER won in late registration either! ??? How is that possible in over two years?

Played over 50,000

Interesting b/c I enter almost every MTT late and have Won over 400 :slight_smile:


Assuming you are referring to bad cards, it happens in real poker & online poker. I can only suggest to play the hand dealt to the best of your ability. There are no bad seats only players who don’t adjust to the situation’s and know when to fold um IMO.

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I am late to a MTT at least twice a night also my friend and I blame it on the Forum lol. So much information in forum, however I can say I have won after being late, enough to be happy !!

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