I see people wanting a new ranking system, a new monthly membership system, more fair dealers, etc…unable to accept the site for what it is…I suspect these unhappy people simply can’t win at poker…what do you think?


I couldnt agree with u more County29, people complaining all the time about everything, and yes its mostly the players that cant win or arent winning or think its rigged. Its a free online Great poker site that keeps improving every year, what do they expect? I dont see any high ranked or top players complain so it probably is the winning/losing factor.

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I think Replay Poker is a fantastic site, great staff, great tourneys, met a lot of cool people, its a free site, great program, because I have run into replay poker hands, when I play for real money in a real game with friends, only site that I have ever played and and enjoy it, just my two cents worth lol,

County, Did you see the people that want a new chip-buying system?

Here’s what I think @county29 :
If it wasn’t for people who keep making complaints and/or suggestions, this site wouldn’t be where it is today. Like everything else, this site wasn’t as great from the moment it was created. It evolved, it grew, and it keeps evolving and growing, and a huge part of that is because its founders and its staff members know how to listen to their customers and always adapt to their needs. Sometimes these suggestions or complaints are taken into consideration and implemented for the benefit of the site and all its players, and sometimes they’re not. But the community has to keep them coming for the staff to decide and for the site to keep improving. This has nothing to do with just winning or losing. This has nothing to do with ranks like some people keep implying. This has everything to do with how we like the site to be and is done only for the benefit of the community and the site itself.

I myself have complained many times about some features, in a very constructive manner, and have made many suggestions. I’m very happy to say that many of them were implemented, even if others were not, and they only made things better for me and many others. Please feel free to check my rank and my win/lose ratio and see for yourself if that had any effect of my suggestions.

Moreover, there were always complaints and suggestions from high ranked, and really good players as much as there were from lower ranked players. So it’s definitely not restricted to those who can’t win at poker, but more to those who have something bothering them and want to improve on it.


very well said if I do say so myself . !!

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These are the two hands I got knocked out in two tournaments today.

First one I held K8 spades. Winner had QQ. I don’t know what the third player had, he bet high even after I indicated a high pair, and folded. Winner called with QQ against my probable KK. And he won by the river.

Second one, I had A8o, and the winner had 23o. He bet for an impossible river and won.

If this is going to be the case, we can’t win, we just have to complain.

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