Hello everyone

Hello ntmu all I just joined in March and am loving it here.

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Hello Kermit,

nice to meet you too. May the poker gods be with you.

Hooooot! and Welcome kermitfrog99! Glad you are enjoying your time on Replay! Good luck & Good poker!

Welcome to the party! Good luck out there.

GL and may the Royals be with you

how do I type into general forum?

can anybody help me make friends

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Just start chatting and if you like someone, send them a friend

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hello every1 ! first time here. did any1 enter in the tournament last evening that kept preparing your seat all evening, but never formed ? but yet you could go play other games… and will you get your entry fee back? never had that problem b4!

Yes you will or have gotten your entry chips back. There were two tournaments that suffered the same glitch, which wasn’t seen until this morning. Apologies to all who were waiting; if you don’t have your chips you will be getting them soon.


Hello! Im new here myself and i hope youll have a good time on this forum. Im here to learn and hope doing here so :slight_smile:

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Welcome , hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for the warm welcome! :slight_smile: