Facebook on this site

Well fellow players i have a observation too make.
I have been playing for many years now & was O.K. .
Won many tournys & made it to 1 mill.
However my recent luck has been dismall despite many changes in tactics & play.
I just dont win anymore!
It seems to me that since the connection to Facebook this site has been compromised.
My refusal to buy chips & a non connection to Facebook ,I believe has an influence!
Facebook followers beware, the information giant is watching!!

Rubbish… next you’ll be saying that “The Men in Black” are watching you :joy::joy::joy:


LOL, you have about 5000 chips and are a complete beginner. I never go on Facebook either. I started just under a year ago with 1000 chips, or whatever they give you to start, and currently have 48 million chips.

I don’t think a conspiracy theory mentality helps to make people a good poker player, because the cause and effect circuits have their wires crossed.

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RP has nothing to do with your losing, or winning for that matter. What you don’t know is that all the other players have conspired against you (we even have our own secret dark-web website that not even RP knows about). All of us are doing all we can to take the free chips you get every day you play.

[whistles quietly] ♫ ♫ ♫ :musical_note: