Well here I am , cant get a win.
I know how to play poker .
Ijust keep getting beaten by a better hand,.
I am a very patient player & will wait 4 the great hand!
Nonetheless I still keep getting beaten!
I mean FL by FH, STR8 BY FL on the river etc.
Very frustrating, anyone else or am I just unlucky!

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Happens all the time … kinda goes in runs… next week you won’t be able to lose if you wanted to.gl

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Few months after I joined I had a Lucky Streak for months. Had the Game Beat-lol… How depressing to lose the touch. Now just roll with punchs and play lil more tight. Tough game with some peaks more valleys.

Thanks Guys kinda reassuring!
Have brought chips to move up to some higher stakes tables ,seems to be better, plus gets rid off some of those chip bullies!

Cheers & good luck.