Bluffing & Table Talk


Sammy - the bluff is an integral part of NL poker. No one likes getting successfully bluffed off a hand but this is part of the game. Your best “revenge” is to walk these players into situations where they will bluff while you are strong and you take a big chunk of chips from them. Use their looseness to your advantage and you will find them less likely to attempt to steal from you in the future. As they say, don’t get mad, get even :slight_smile:

I cant see any problem with you letting other players know who is at the table.

Added Comment to address issues SPG brought up (below) - To clarify, I don’t think it is a problem in terms of whether it is allowed or not. Whether saying these things is wise is a decision for you to make.

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I see 2 problems with letting the other players know.

1… It’s not really fair to the other player.

2… It’s basically saying, “I never bluff,” and will cost you chips in the long run.

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Well, actually, it can be seen as a violation of our code of conduct.

DON’T do these:

Insult, criticize or mock,
Name calling, personal attacks…
General rudeness…

So no, you shouldn’t do it.

I want to add a few more points.

If you say something like that when a hand is active, it is 100% not allowed. The sole exception would be if you and the other player are heads up in a hand, and even then it’s questionable.

Saying, “Call,” or “He’s bulffing” or ANYTHING that night change the action during a hand is a form of collusion. Sorry, you don’t get to coach another player like that.

Sorry if someone thinks, “they have a right to know.” They might, but you don’t have the right to tell them. They can watch the action and make their own determinations.

Bluffers have rights too. They have the right to play however they want to play. They have the right to have an enjoyable experience, and anything that reduces their enjoyment is NOT ok.

No one said anything about talking during the hand SPG. I don’t think that was what he asked though. Pretty sure people know not to interfere with a hand or coach during a hand, or at least I hope they do. We also shouldn’t call our cards out during the hand and so on.

Just cant see where this falls under any of those prohibited categories but you know the rules better than I do so of course I’ll defer to you. Would be an extremely tight definition of what, criticism? Personally, I wouldn’t give a rip if someone said, “here comes the bluff-box hero” or “he’s so tight he farts diamonds” when I get to the table. You want to create a table image for me, then that just makes it easier for me to exploit.

With online poker I’ve pretty much gone with the rule that if I wouldn’t/couldn’t say it around a live table to someone’s face, I wont say it in a typed comment. On the other hand, I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about whatever the perpetually offended think. You can say hello to some people and they get annoyed.

Kind of sorry I walked into this discussion. Should have stopped after saying bluffing is part of the game. Then again, so is table talk so … Nope, not going back into it.

Saying stuff like that between hands is a gray area, to be sure. It’s not all that different than saying “nice bluff” after a hand.

I hope some of the more experienced mods/staff will weigh in and clarify Replay’s position.

As I took it, it was being critical of another player’s style. From what was posted, the other player took it the same way and immediately left the table.

If it was said during a hand, then yeah, it’s out of line. If said between hands, then eh, not a huge deal one way or the other, but still rude, at least in my opinion.

Saying “NB” after a hand has always confused me as being either “nice bet,” a compliment, or “nice bluff,” somewhat of an insult. It is rude but it wouldn’t move me. I would call it a light gray area.

If I am playing at a table and the chat looks like it may get insulting I will say hello to those who I think may make trouble. This way they are on notice that they will be held accountable for their chat. It has backfired a few times but without question it consistently tempers any potential trouble.

It isn’t as if Replay Poker is trying to fully replicate a live game. It purposely departs in the direction of making it a family center. Most of the time players eventually “get it” that the goal is to keep it friendly.


I was watching table 2434157 for a while earlier and the comments kinda stood out so I saved a sample to share. Is this ok or over the limit?. Should seat 2 have spoken up or let it continue?

The comments during the hands between those given as the sample varied.

Edit:: Seat 2 had left the hand before the last sample.

OK, this is a bit freaky - I scrolled over the players on the table in the hands from the links you posted, and when I did it for dtrump2020, my own name and rank came up and when I clicked on it again, it took me to my own profile. Dang it, has someone hacked a play-chip poker account or is this a glitch?

Back on topic - not exactly the type of conversation that goes with “family friendly” was it? I am not for policing speech unless it is overtly hostile or offensive but if saying “nice bluff” is over the line, then we’ve already crossed the Rubicon on this issue. Also, isn’t Gettyesq a moderator?

Also - you want to talk about being offensive d-bag jerks, you should look at the table talk on the Hagia Sophia at around 10pm last night. I stopped to watch a friend play and the conduct of 3 of the players there was just wrong. I don’t care if they have a lot of chips or not - 1st off, they aren’t exactly great players. 2nd, whatever their level of play, being jerks to other players, especially after big hands is flatly wrong. You don’t suck out on a huge (15 million) pot and then tell the other player that’s the reason they suck and always will. I don’t know the players on the receiving end of this horse-crap but I wonder if RP is as tight on policy with the higher ranked players as they are with everyone else? Frankly, if these clowns were in a live room, they would have been beaten up and dumped in an alley for their conduct. Of course most of these clowns only speak like that from behind a wall of online anonymity because at heart they are weak little cowards.

Sorry but that type of thing gets me going. Please don’t tell me “nice bluff” is offensive and against the code of conduct but telling someone they suck and always will because you sucked out by playing a lousy hand for a huge pot isn’t. 1 is an innocuous comment that actually can be taken as a compliment and the other is obnoxious and rude behavior from people with more chips and lip than game.

Same happened with me :rage: This is really weird, like someone is saying: “Arent we all DTrump?”
No I’m NOT :wink:


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Hi Warlock,

Welcome to Replay Poker.

I do often watch the play on Hagia Sophia joining between 4 and 8 other spectators watching. Unlike the smaller buy-ins where the spectators become part of the conversation, there is hardly ever a word said by a spectator, not even “NH”.

The spectators are watching because they know where the best play resides. There are usually 9 solid players so there is drama. I agree there is some bad play and it mostly comes from the player who is rated at 345 or higher. Most of the regular players are rated way under 100.

I also agree that some pretty foul language can be had there and I have not reported it. The reason I didn’t report it was because I respect the players, know it was out of character, and I also know that the instigator is likely a known troll.

What we witness is the phenomenon of the Hagia Sophia Wannabe. Yes, there are a number of players at Replay Poker who really aren’t good but they don’t know they aren’t good. In their little minds they think they are as good as Manu, or Hickman, or Pigeonvole, or Birba, or any of many who play top notched poker. Somehow they have a bank of ten million and they buy in. It is their big moment. Within three hands, all eight of the remaining players are scheming in their minds how to extort those ten million chippies that just arrived at the table, unguarded. Yes, each and every one of the other players are starting to froth at the mouth and are the beginning of a shark frenzy. It happens to be when they are collectively the weakest, and certainly they are ready to be trolled. So the troll plays them and in some cases aggravates one or two of the Hagia Sophia players. Then the otherwise nice players mumble and spit out a response to the troll. None of the other players report it. And none of the spectators report it. You didn’t and neither did I.

In short order one or two of the cooler players that day have sent the troll packing, minus 8 or 9 million chips, and soon after that the table gets back to normal. Nothing new except two players got a lot fatter.

That’s the way I watch Hagia Sophia and what I see.

Scratch (moderator)

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Hi 1Warlock,

Thanks for letting us know about the situation. That type of chat is not acceptable on our site, so we will definitely check it out!

I have been enjoying your posts and appreciate all of your comments and suggestions. Keep 'em coming…


Actually, this is a misstatement; I acted on a report that somebody made and it appears to have been the troll. It was the first time in three years this player was reported. In a private message he sent to me he said if it continues to happen he will reluctantly give up Replay Poker. This saddens me so I will be more vigilant in watching the top tables.


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This has happen to me a few times… they (Replay) , will tell you that the account was deactivated and this is why you see your own Profile… at least that was what I was told.

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Scratch -

I only watched because I wanted to see how the play went and because I help my friend deconstruct the play afterwards. I never, ever interfere in the game and doubt he knows I’m watching as I don’t announce it when I do.

There were 1 or 2 players who I could see as being pretty good on the table last night. At least 3 who were at best ABC players. Don’t know their rank and don’t care. Don’t know who is a “troll” and who isn’t. If you have the chips to buy in to a table, you have every right to be there. Don’t care if you bought them or won them - your chips to do with as you please and no one has dominion over a poker table except through their play at the time.

What you are describing is a kind of pack mentality that appears in poker rooms all over the place. You get regulars who get pissy with any outsider coming into their world. Since this is the 1st time I’ve looked in on this table, maybe that’s what happened here? I didn’t even want to make a thing of this except as a contrast to what I see as innocuous table chat.

I am here to play and enjoy, not to get into silly online arguments or pissing matches. I am not here to enforce morality standards or to brag about the superiority of one style over another one. I don’t want this blown out of proportion either. People have said and done stupid things around poker tables since the game was invented. Before we go talking about reprimanding someone for calling out a bluffer though, we need to be sure we are willing to hold the higher ranked players to at least as high a standard for their conduct, correct?

Man, I know this was a bad thread to get involved with.


Of course we do. I share the same ethic. Again, my interest is in stopping the selfish player who tries to take over a table in a variety of different ways. I am not going to bust anybody who slips; the first one is free with me.

Today I watched Sin City for half an hour. The chat was very civil. Average pot was 3.7 million. Even in play money you aren’t going to see many players waste time being rude with that much at stake; from another thread, the value in a game is self determined. Was an enjoyable experience.


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Its all good Scratch. I am not saying we should tar and feather people for slipping up. I don’t even know what my point is anymore frankly. Please forgive me as I have 2 conflicting viewpoints clashing here. I am vehemently opposed to the very idea of speech and thought crimes and I am also a bit thin skinned about people being poor sports or bullies. I suppose I am more for self-regulation of these things and assume that people will stick up for themselves and others as necessary.

I love watching good poker and spend more time by far watching hands than playing them. I look forward to watching some of the players you mentioned.

Cheers to you and GL on the tables. Thanks for all the time and effort you put towards the betterment of the site for all.

I’m glad I happened apon this thread… should I be worried ? As advertized, well I’m sassy… I have played with mods on my table, even played with SPG before he was a mod. I make comments at tables rather than the boring noone talks ever situations. Have I been sarcastic or condesending… well I’m sure I might have been. Obviously W. Kasouf has put it front and center whether or not table talk is good or bad.

Just like when I drive somewhere, a cop can pull me over legally at any time using the letter of every law at the same time. ( ie- there’s always something to pull a person over for, if they want to ). So too can ReplayPoker extract the same strictness using what SPG listed.

I have run across this onj other non-poker sites… even saw 100 ppl discuss this in chat all at the same time… “you’re stupid” vs “you’re being stupid”… at a certain point someone hears #2 and takes it as #1. I hope that both the staff and the playerbase here don’t want “the thought police” attitude by the staff…

“nice bluff” and “nice bet”… without semi-lengthy context, can anyone say either is a compliment or a condemnation ??? nope, not really … ya can’t.

This is why I always tried to show why the name “moderators” ( meaning in moderation thru 3rd party arbitration ) is well suited… Table Talk, with some exceptions needs moderation… by the mods and by the players at the table. Online chat just like text messages, without the human component, loses all clues that normally we can ass to the spoken word to easier analyze meaning and intent. To illustrate this, let me offer up this 1 word, and the associated joke that loses meaning in type… " Dude ". I can say " dude " atleast 10 different ways, and they all have different meanings… especially when add’d to facial expressions.

Poker, has a psychological aspect to it. When a player goes to war in that manner, they can be as charming as punch, while at the same time they are ripp’n someone to shreds with thier tactics. So please Replay Poker, don’t eliminate all drama from the tables, just make sure it doesn’t break the spirit of the rules… which to many is more important than the actuall rules.

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