Newbie experience

i quite like the site and the rude players lol. but seriously there seems to be a lot of lag on the server which makes it harder being new.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’re definitely working on the guts of the site often and want to make lag like that go away as much as possible! The tech team has been hard at work on some improvements that should be rolling out (after testing, of course. ;)) that will help.

How easy/difficult did you find it to get in and start playing?

quite easy to get going and a few days in i am venturing into tournaments, its fun. i like the chat ability and social side too. i note with amusement those who subscribe to ideas of rigging lol its obviously nonsense but i guess you have fringe outlooks in any area of gaming.

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Hehe, online poker is frought with worry and it’s totally understandable. Part of the reason we’re certified by a third party for our random number generator. We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance at some fun!

my foray into low stake leaderboards through tournuments a success, i was king for most of one day lol, much fun. and learning from others, especially the kind folks. someone accused me of cheating LOL, how can you play poker outwith the rules LOL. thanks to the high stakes folks who venture into low stakes murky waters lol who i learned from them. but as is poker you never know when your friends will slit your throat LOL. gotta refer some chums lol. lets see if im so upbeat in a week :wink: bets anyone lol