Couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the forum lobby. A tip Jar…really lol??

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OOPS I meant the bank lobby :slight_smile:

I found it very strange too. I wonder who gets the chips?

Just checked out the page again and pushed the button. It looks to me like they are giving people another way to financially support the site without actually having the stigma of being a chip buyer involved. Thats my 3rd grade educated guess. :man_student:

Hope this doesn’t mean financial problems and a prelude to site closure,seen this happen before at other sites.

Well, then hit the tip jar. Lol

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Building good habits for live play??

Good habits like tipping the dealer? lol I would gladly give a tip but they keep telling me my fake chips don’t count!

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Yes–when I’ve played in live tourneys, mostly for charity, we always give $5 to the dealer (our other “charity”!). Too bad I can’t give 5,000 chips to this dealer! lol

Tips might improve if replay would give us some of the things we ring players have asked for over the last two years.Things like being able to fold and show,showing one card only at the end of play to keep opponents guessing,emotes at the table,the option of keeping our bank account hidden or private
HTML and on and on. Everything at this site seems to be for tourney players only…just saying


Not in the least wanting to sound defensive, I just wanted to share the information that the major thrust for programming at Replay Poker just now is to move from Flash to HTML5, a matter of great urgency as Flash is no longer supported by most web browsers. We really want that accomplished, and THEN some excellent additional features can be developed. This is what I’ve learned through RP’s volunteers’ meetings. I hope this helps! Jan


Thank you JanCee for the information and if I came across as rude I didn’t mean too.
Sometimes I feel like some other ring players do and that is the feeling og not being part of the community because most posts refer only or mostly to tourney players and their wants.guess I need to try and get more ring players to post here lol…again thanks to you I am more informed :slight_smile:

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