Well here I am,. haven’t been here for quite a while
Been on this site for a while now & have a few Q’s
Lately have been on a long" downswing" & only have been using free log in chips.
How ever if I choose to buy chips ( as I have in the past,$4.99 ,Cheap entertainment!) remarkably i seem to start winning!
I am aware that having a nice chip stack gives confidence but still I wonder.
Anyway it’s still the best site so----
Still one wonders! & anyway it’s boring when ur only winning once ever 19 or20 hands.
G.L. Geoff
Buy the way I am very patient ,but when the cards dont fall there is little one can do.

I’ve never bought chips. But I don’t think they have anything to do with your win rate. There’s a lot of factors that come into play. Streaks of good and bad play can combine with streaks of good and bad cards, and running into good and bad players, also on good or bad streaks.

Before you go blaming external factors that you can’t control, take a good hard look at the stuff you can control and work on those things. That’s the only way you’ll get the outcomes you want consistently.

I’ve been playing daily for the past 10 months, and I’ve definitely come a long way in improving my game. I believe anyone can, but it does take a significant effort to do it. In late July, I started with about 1.2M in chips, and today I have over 8.7M chips, none of which were purchased.

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Yeah, same here. similar pattern. This is not a poor me thing…Just saying, and I have noticed other players just get rag doll cards. Gord I do miss manilla, 32 cards, 7’s to Ace,
oh well, Just saying. Good luck All, enjoy anyway

Boredom kills a lot of players. They lose focus, or try to stir up some action, or just want to get in a hand after a long string of garbage that makes K7 look good to play.

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Thanks 4 the feedback.yep not a" poor me" thing either but after 2 or 3 orbits on a 9 table, finally a good hand (trips,FL STR8 etc) get beat buy a miracle hand.
Many times in a S.N.G no wins till I’m out!

Does this happen to others I’m wondering.

P.S.I have become so cautious now that I hardly bet unless I have a great hand,yet others bet with rubbish hands & often win on the turn or river!

Anyway it can only get better!

Cheers Geoff.

Occasionally I have a game where I get rags the whole time, miss every flop, and beat when I do make something. It happens.

To win in poker you do need to bet. If you’re not raising your good cards preflop, then you aren’t going to win with them as much, and you won’t win as much with them when you do. So bet.

you gotta be willing to wait in order to play winning poker

Of course, and I do wait. But when I’m waiting, I’m not betting, and until I get a hand I can bet, I can’t win.

Winning - Lately a lot of the tables I play have Rookies, low chip count, million plus ranking. They have been winning and winning - fantastic hands, 4 of a kind, flushes even a few Royals.

Seems like the odds have been stacked in their favor?

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Seems a bit that way to me also.Reckless play that gets rewarded by the turn or river.
Also great hands being beaten by miracle hands!

I have won quite a number of S.N.G.s lately but as soon as I join a M.T.T.I most often loose

Beaten by silly plays that seem to work!

Anyway still playin

I guess the site is what it is,entertainment.

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Sry that last post ,M.T.T. Should read RING GAMES.

I’m being knocked out by newbies or players been on here for 3-6 years and hardly no bankroll.

Been here for quite a few years & still have no bankroll, guess I’m just unlucky.
Funny thing is in other platforms that involve chance I do alright!

Still dont understand how so many players can amass such a fortune without buying chips.

After all no gambling would exist in any format if more people won than lost !!

Happy playing Geoff.

I been stuck at 3plus million for a while now. Most mine came from leader boards. If was not for those, I wouldn’t have much either