Change the felt colors?

Is there anyway to change the felt colors?

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Not as far as I know. They are preset to different game types.

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The felt colors are decided by the Replay Staff, we ourself have not the option to change the felt colors.


I knew Blackwidow had a fix when there was a God offal table color for the RPOS 1 year and I found the thread so here it is :slight_smile:

You can’t be serious - Suggestions & Feedback - Replay Poker

It worked then hope it will work for u now

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That would be a nice option to do ourselves. Some colors are a better contrast.

Changing the card back colors would be nice also

cool thank you

Hover over the felt, right mouse, and select Inspect Element. In the Style section under .Game.Game you can change the background color to the color of your chosing using hex code or known color name e.g., green, blue, black, etc.


It only applies to your current table though.


this works great thank you


Thank you also :+1:t2:


Thanks for the tip, hopefully Replay will give us all the choice to choose our colors in the future.