Well diamonds. spades, hearts, and clubs are a universal color changing them blue and whatever isn’t right, however changing the backs of seen cards might be better, aso how about more “No Limit Omaha”?.

Hi Dodge.

We have it. Click on tab Profile, there on Account Settings. There you can tick or untick “Use four color deck” (dont forget to save settings when you changed it)

Maybe you like Omaha 8 also, you can vote for it when you like it.

We have 3 daily tournaments, 2 are pot limit and 1 is no limit. Once per 4 weeks we have a Omaha Freeroll No Limit.

Greetings Happiness.

how is it a player dosent show up at a tournament table and wins 2nt place money?

I think thets solved, if player wont show up at all, then cant win anmymore.

Here is the original thread, please comment there.

A missing player can get 2nd or third, but never 1st to a player that is at the table.