More Card UI Options

I’d like something easier on the eyes.

For example:

5 of clubs: A green rectangle, with a large white 5 written on it. Nothing else. (Not even a club symbol.)
Q of hearts: A red rectangle, with a large white Q written on it. Nothing else.

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seriously? lol

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What you’re asking for there is a 1969 muscle car with 1971 gas economy regulations. I doubt this will attract many fans.

I like the option for players to purchase different looking decks. I’ve seen it on many other platforms, including online cash poker sites.

That said, what’s wrong with the 4 colour deck? IMO its much better than the standard deck colours black & red. You can see and distinguish every suit spades, clubs, diamonds, hearts easily.

Four colours look weird to me personally, I like the standard look.


Yes! A lot of people feel the same way. I don’t use the 4 colour bc it looks better, and I’m sure most other players that like 4 colour deck would also agree. I use - and I’m sure most other players also use 4 colour deck bc its much easier and faster to read the board. To me 4 colour deck is “something easier on the eyes” to quote @diraf. This results in more time to think about your decisions and strategy which should result in winning more.

It does take time to get used to and tolerate IMO. After a week or so if u take poker serious, and are competitive, and want to win more, then I’m sure most would learn to like it much more than a standard deck.

The 4 color deck looked weird to me when I started using it, but after a while, I get used to it, and it makes flushes more clear, and the cards more distinct in general.

The reason I made this request is that I play on a small screen, so even with the four color deck, the distinction between the ranks isn’t too clear from a far distance. It would be better for me if the ranks were in a much larger font.

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If you don’t already, it may be worth playing in Full Screen mode, the cards are enlarged slightly from window mode, it may help.

Maybe a good idea for playing on phone using the app, as an additional option on top of standard & 4 colour deck. I really don’t know why people bother playing on a phone, but I think many do.

Maybe you should do up some graphics for suggestions and post them here.

I play on a new laptop with a decent size screen so I can see one & two tables easily. I’ve never tried the app on phone… If I try splitting 4 tables its very difficult to see properly as I need to resize to 50%. As displayed below its not a very pleasant playing experience with 4 tables.

Bigger cards would deff help a little in that instance. I only play 1 or 2 tables, but I see a lot of other players on 4 or more so it might be beneficial to some.

You can get a clip on screen magnifier for any device.