Make 'use four color deck' option persist between tables

Every time you move tables in a poker game, the use four color deck options turns back off. If a player enables this option, it should be left on until they turn it back off, similar to the auto muck hands option.It’d be very convenient to no longer have to enable four color deck every time we enter a tournament or switch tables. Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good one, y’all!

you got to click on update game settings after you check mark the 4 color deck option.


I don’t have any option like that :frowning:


on replay page. top right

  1. click on your profile pic. be a drop down menu.
  2. click on settings
  3. check mark any settings you want.
  4. click update game settings
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Thank you so much!

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you’re welcome!

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