Table colors

Hi , im new .

Is there a way to change the table color?
If not, maybe a suggestion to make that possible?

The green is exhausting, draining,blinding etc to me, the purple is ez on the eyes.



ps: and gl 2 all,(except when you’re playing against me o.c…or maybe, then its when you need it the most… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: )

Black is best :+1:t2:Nice contrast, easy on the eyes.


There’s no way to change the table color short of writing some code.

But, you can get a browser plugin that reduces the amount of high-energy blue light, and this could help with your eyes. Look for “blue light filter.”

You can also get glasses that do pretty much the same thing.

If you use Chrome, you can enable dark mode, which reduces eye strain.

The forum has a dark mode too.


Thanks for that information about the forum having a dark theme, my eyes are grateful! They should put that button somewhere more easily discoverable, or dark theme should be the default in my opinion. White is just too tiring, I can’t read long periods of time.


If you change the type of game you play, the table color will change. In Omaha and Omaha HiLo, it is purple, in 7 card stud it’s brown. I didn’t check the others but I assume they all must be less boring than the Hold’em tables :slight_smile:

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I tried a game or two on a site called Global Poker, which is no longer available in the UK. It could not hold a candle to Replay, but you could change the table colours there with a choice of (if my memory serves me correctly) five different ones. I would very much like this choice on Replay as I too find that purple harsh to play on.

The Black Felt that Madhoff designed were outstanding :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: Waiting on the finished product. You had a hand in that SPG !


where do i find the dark mode on the forum and are we getting the Black felt?


To get the forum dark mode :
You go to your avatar, click on it, you click on the last icon , ‘Preferences’ a menu opens , scroll down to ‘interface’ , click on it and you have the ‘Theme’ where you can change to ‘Replay Dark Customizations’ , when you have done that, scroll down and click on ‘Save Changes’


It’s going to be available as a plug in when he is finished along with other colors.

Craig, I think it is finished, but google wouldn’t allow it because it’s connected to gambling. (?)

You can still add it, though. A download link to the files, along with installation instructions, are at the end of the thread…

Customized Final Table


What’s a plug in? Showing my intelligence again.LOL


That’s right, now I remember why it stopped. Thanks for the reminder my friend :+1:t2:

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@mrzick , SPG listed the link above and it includes instructions. I haven’t tried it yet.

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the extension will never be released D:

I specify that it is not a tool that allows to change the style of your tables but only the final tables of tournaments

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True words :+1:t2:

Thank you all for the replies, help and time :slight_smile:

Im gonna try 2 reply 2 all of you @ once…

Yes, i meant the om- hi/lo purple, it alrdy exists , so … wouldve been nice 2 be able 2 aplpy it 2 all tabs.
If i could choose , it will be purple.( @ 5 colors)

The dark-mode option for forum was another Q i had, so tyvm for that, and the directions, wouldve taking me a while 2 have found that hidden GEM. Another pair of Greatfull eyes !

The blue light -fliter is new 2 me, i’ll have 2 look into that, ty.
My eyes r extremly sensitive 2 light , so i have everything always on dark-mode, screens dark(contrast) , etc.

Which brings me back 2 tab colors…
I do like the black ft, altho its not purple (lol) , but yes, its Alot better.
If i understand it correctly some1 from here, a player, wrote that? (nice job)
I did find that linke(download), and online gambling is legal here, so it should work then right?

And yes, i assume it needs some coding :wink: , if its worth it, maybe thats the Q?

I would be playing alot more when i have a relaxing background, im exhausted after 20-30 mins…on a purple tab with black background, i dont even notice it…can go all day.
Maybe there’s some value in that?

Thanks agn , and gl all !!


As I understand it, it works but google is refusing to list it because of the gambling connection.

So yes, it should work.


Wish google would let it work “sigh” I liked MADHOFS table design, just looks good.

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Google has nothing to do with it working. It works.