Poker Table Feature Requests

Please share any new ideas or changes you’d like us to make to our tables! Color or layout changes, bigger cards or font size, or a method to invite your friend directly to your table are all examples of suggestions that would fit here.

This thread is specific to Replay Poker’s tables. If you’d like to make a suggestion about tournaments, new site improvements, additional formats and more, please create a new thread in our Suggestions & Feedback category. We recommend that you search the forum first to see if your idea has already been suggested and reply to that post with your thoughts.

I’ve been playing the PLO8 promotion a little and noticed that when you want to go all in, but don’t have enough for a 1/2 pot or pot size bet, the only choices you are given are a minimum bet, check or fold. It would be nice to have an all in or maximum button in this situation, especially since most players are being timed out/sat out regularly, so there is little time to act and stay in the hand. It would be a nice feature, but seems even more necessary since there is never any time to formulate a bet, so buttons are really the only way to stay in the hand. Wasn’t sure which thread to put this in now, lol - seems like without the bug sitting you out, I wouldn’t worry much about the feature. I only notice this in PL games.

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I feel as tho everything is aesthetically pleasing to the eye except that thin line rail. Something thicker and colorful would just make those tables perfect. Almost to the point where I could lean my arms on it comfortably.

I would like to have the option of showing one or both cards when in a headsup situation,
like a great laydown at ring tables.

I think the pre-selections (check/fold, check, fold, bet) need some work. If check/fold is selected and somebody bets more than the minimum the fold comes up unchecked. If I would fold to the bet, why would I change for a range. I think my action is chosen and the I need to go back when it is my turn.

Also, after the first actions the pre-selection is blank o subsequent rounds.


I have a problem that is not really unusual, when I look at anything for more than about 30 seconds, I fall asleep. Sometimes my eyes are still open but my brain is down the street somewhere. I noticed a game today where there was a very short audible tone when it was my turn to act. It was sure a pleasant thing to not miss out on a hand because I didn’t have time to decide and act. I am 81 years old and still love the challenge of Poker. I sometimes need a large magnifier to read the cards and be sure of what I have and what pops up from the deal. I loved the little beep!


I Have no problem with the table payout except when we go into the 5 minute break the banner announcing the 5 min break goes right across the cards in the middle and you cannot see the cards so you are playing blind, very hard if you have a good hand
I am sure replay could put the banner in a spot where it does not cover the cards

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If people are able to be spectators of tables and games in process they should not have the luxury of being anonymous. There should be a pull down function in the spectator icon that allows players to see who is watching. Transparency matters.

It’s a social site. Why not completely make things as transparent as possible?

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When replaying old hands in your hand history, if you navigate to the next/previous hand with the links on the page, when the new page loads the table forgets your volume setting, and re-sets to default (max volume). It’d be nice if it remembered the volume level/mute state.

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I agree. RP has made some improvements with these pre-selection buttons & system but in general its still not optimal. IMO this shouldnt even be a request. In comparison to the old tables its broken/faulty and not working as it did with the old tables.

Things are improving but as @TNgolfer mention not everything or the system at times doesnt make sense & is illogical from a poker players perspective.

J’aime bien l’ambiance du jeu. Le graphisme est simple, les outils aussi.
J’améliorerais le tchat , qui est trop compliqué a lire je trouve . Trop d’informations dans une fenêtre trop petite a mon gout. Ou alors les caractères sont trop grands.
Permettre aussi aux joueurs de choisir l’emplacement ou ils apparaissent sur la table.
En tout cas ce jeu est top. Continuez comme ça ! :grin:

Translation :
I like the atmosphere of the game. The graphics are simple, so are the tools.
I would improve the chat, which I think is too complicated to read. Too much information in a window that is too small for my taste. Or the characters are too big.
Also allow players to choose the location where they appear on the table.
In any case, this game is great. Continue like that !

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Get rid of the popup that asks if we’re sure we want to fold, which is REALLY annoying. We’re not stupid, so when we click “fold” it’s because we wanted to FOLD. If we click it on accident or regret it we’ll learn the hard way real fast, which tends to stick.

Having the checkbox for “Check” turn into the button for “Call” when it’s my turn has cost me a lot chips when I’d intended to check and ended up calling a shove or big raise because my timing was off by a millisecond (literally).

Same for when the checkbox says “Call (bet)” and just as I’m about to check the box to call the current bet whomever is ahead of me raises so I end up calling the raise instead. It makes no sense to have both checkboxes AND buttons, and same goes for the checkboxes that turn into different buttons (in the same location, i.e. where I’m trying to click on “check” but ending up calling) just because my turn comes up.


AMEN! Worst design thought on the site (and that’s a high bar)

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100% agree.

My suggestions & feedback is go back to how the old tables work. That alone would be a massive improvement.

I liked the old system where you could pre-select fold to any bet & yesI dont want to be asked if I want to fold like Im playing Microsoft Windows Stupid Game and need a pep talk to reconsider folding. Yes, I want to fold!

I accidentally made an all in call trying to fold with the pre-select. Luckily I won with whatever garbage i was trying to fold. Super annoying, and only relieved by stupid luck.

Overall the general system\design is bad in comparison to what we previously had. There are some minor improvements. I like the previous system.

Go backto the old system and then ask how you can improve a good\working system.