Anyone else seen Repolay give win to wrong hand?

I believe Ihave twice seen Replay give win to lesser hands…just now with a pair of Q’s given win over my K high straight!!

Post the hands. We’ll let you know…

It was the hand that put me out of Bankroll builder still going on now with 3 players tournement …#5283094 I think.

What you provided wasn’t a hand number. I went to your recent hands and looked at the last two you played-- 877905443. But I don’t think you are referring to this hand as you mentioned it being Bankroll Builder. Can you look further for the hand in question? You’ve got me curious, Dursur. :slight_smile:

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The last hand I see you played in game 5283094 was 877900436. Looks like you went out with JJ vs KK.
Dealer: ** Hand [ 877900436 ] started **

dursur: That is bull twankey!
NL Holdem
Bankroll Builder B&R
Table ID:
Multi-Table Tournament
Tournament ID:
315 + 50 + 135 chips
Winning hand:
Pair, Kings
Jun 26, 2022 8:14am EDT
Pot size:
9,810 Chips


I looked at your last hundred hands and the only one that you lost to QQ was hand #877899870, and you held 10dJs. Table showed QhTs7h2h9d and you raised 4080 at showdown. Villain showed KsQd for the better hand. There was a straight draw, a flush draw, and a card higher than your ten, so I think you misread something, because you only had TT, and that wasn’t a hand strong enough to bet as large as you did, especially with the 3 possible hands that beat yours.



Next time you feel this way go to your View Latest Hands available on your Profile page and just jot down the hand # or you can save the hand or replay it to verify your suspicions.

If this occurs a lot, you may want to keep the latest hands webpage open as you play and refer to it whenever necessary.

I hope I helped.

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If you actually post a hand that shows a lesser hand being awarded the pot, you would be the first (at least that I am aware of) to do so.

Usually this ends up being an honest misinterpretation of the hand - and I suspect that’s what happened here - but without the hand to review, we can’t show you the error.

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Hi @dursur!

We have great information already posted in this thread. I just want to add that if you’re still at the table and a new hand has been dealt, there should be a link to click on the Previous hand so you can view the hand replay. You can notate the Hand ID number and send it to us at and we’ll be happy to review the hand. Posting here in Community Forums will also give you insights from helpful players.

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You can also usually get hand numbers from the chat. The dealer says the hand number at the start of each hand. Copy it to your clipboard and paste it where you want.

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The problem with this is often times as soon as the hand ends you are transferred to another table or you were busted and the table is immediately closed where you are unable to jot down the previous hand played.

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Hi @smooth99!

You are correct, and this is the best time to use the Latest Hands page. I did not type that up in my response since you already recommended it for the player to check and that’s really helpful.

My answer is just in addition to what was already provided in this thread. :slight_smile:

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Well, it sounded to me that the OP wasn’t able to see the reason the winning hand won which is always provided in the chat box.

No problem on my end.

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Me.i just lost a hand where i had a full house,2 aces and 3 8s for my opponent that had 3 kings.i replayed the hand,im right,this was not an error.i just wrote to support to ask them to have a look.its also not the first time i see this and had lost some hands this way,but this time i went to check coz i lost all my chips on the all in!!

Your hand was AA888 vs KKK88. Three Kings beats three 8’s.

I hope this helps.


Replay may have a few issues but I can tell u with 100% confidence after playing 1 Million hands here … I have Never seen a hand that was scored wrong. I have had a few Low hands when playing Hi/low that I personally had to replay and figure out why I lost but not once was there an error on Replays part

Best of luck at the tables

The Goat :goat: :slight_smile:



This looks like the hand in question. I assume you had A8 as your hole cards giving you a hand of 888AA. The other player had KK and the K on the river gave them KKK88 which beats you. Your opponent also gets to use the 88 on the board. With a full house, the 3matching cards count first then the 2 matched cards. You had 888AA opponent had KKK88. As both of you had full houses, opponents KKK dominates your 888 so he wins.