BS hands and anomalies

You gotta wonder what the hand win percentages are based on??? I call BS. this is one in a trillion.

And yet, one in a trillion is still possible!


Tough one - but it happens. I can assure you it is not one in a trillion. The odds of a player making quads by the river after hitting trips on the flop is (according to just about every poker odds website I checked - I certainly didn’t do the math - heck, I can’t balance my checkbook):

4 percent (1 in 25).

Now the odds of those quads going up against two full houses, I don’t know. But with three of a kind on the board, I wouldn’t think someone having a full house is incredibly uncommon - so seeing quads vs. full house in this situation just doesn’t seem all that shocking.


I watched the hand and it was poorly played by KK. min raise is not gonna get anyone to fold. A6 is gonna call no matter what and with a Ace on board would’ve folded knowing any Ax gets played . also know any 2 suited cards get played, so probably wouldn’t matter what did preflop anyway.

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Based on the betting after the flop, I’m pretty sure I would have folded those kings before it got too deep. Sure bluffs happen here - but most of the time I find it to be the opposite. And watching the other two roll up bets with that flop and I’m sitting there with KK, I’m figuring I’m beat and getting the heck out of there.

Live to fight another day.


This is not a cash game. The money isn’t real. And that means a lot of people here will literally play anything at anytime. If you expect the poker here to be played in any remotely logical fashion by the majority of players, you are going to be mostly disappointed. Some do, the vast majority don’t. Simple as that.

By your own odds up there, you were almost 40 percent going to lose. Sounds different than 60 percent to win, doesn’t it? So granted, you were a nice favorite pre-flop. Post flop, not so much. And that situation happens all the time in any poker setting.

(Also - I’ve seen many a pro in a live game not “follow the rules,” so to speak. That’s why it is “poker.” Otherwise, everyone could just turn over their cards and determine who won by who “should have folded” and who “shouldn’t have folded.”)


I see a 3 player table. If I had 2 3 suited which could be an open ended flush, a straight, a straight flush, for that kind of little chips I’m going to see the flop period! Look what happened, 4 of a kind. I can’t believe that put you on tilt pal…


didn’t miss any point. this is play money chips, just like monopoly money. players will call any 2 cards at any giving time despite how much your raise preflop.

I had KK once and I basically put a player all in prelfop and had 7K+. I jumped it up to over 2k and player who called was basically all in, he had 300 chip behind. on flop he jammed rest of his 300 chips. you know what that player called with? 2 freaking J off suit and hit runner runner jacks.

I did all I could get everyone fold prelfop, but for some odd reason or another player called and sucked out.

The premise with REPLAY poker is to LEARN from your mistakes. REPLAYING STUPID HANDS learns nothing… except to be stupid. If this was site was really interested in becoming a dominate site in the poker world it would ACTUALLY TEACH IDIOTS WHAT THE OPENING HANDS ARE THAT SHOULD BE PLAYED… in fact, a little beep reminding the wanabee that no you don’t play 39 , 27, 38, etc etc they the player might actually LEARN POKER… LOL

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There are times and situations where I will play any 2 cards.

There are times and situations when I would play, even if I didn’t have cards.

This must mean I’m a moron, and need to learn the game more betterer.

Huh, who knew?


I always fold two/three suited. I used to play it, for obvious reasons (I want ace/four/five for a straight flush), but it never turned into anything, ever. I can understand why someone would play it, but for me it’s one of those hands that I gave up on some time ago and haven’t, so far, had reason to regret it. Quads isn’t the monster hand we expect with suited two/three, but it’s definitely not the weirdest ever occurrence.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t come to RP every day to teach or be taught. I come to have fun. I play the best game I can, and think most others do the same.

I’ve played against some serious players. Some could’ve danced around me as though I wasn’t even there. Against those players, I was happy to survive. Sometimes, I even show a profit at the tables. But one of the basic lessons the game teaches everyone–whether they want to learn it or not–is to give opponents respect proportional to their skills. And, we will still be shocked from time to time. If you play long enough you’ll see almost everything possible happen. Just hope you’ll get the right end of it.


I just Replayed the hand being discussed via the Current hand #796706545 link and it only shows the quads being displayed and doesn’t reveal the other two hand’s hole cards.


Is there some way to display the others hole cards?


again, WTF are you playing 23 in the first place, what strategy is this BS based on? Really???

Come play a cash game anytime at my place…

Against those specific holdings, 2d3d is 15.99%, but against A6o and Kx it’s closer to 25% preflop.

Facing a button min raise, the BB had to call 1BB for a chance to win 5BBs, so he needed 16.67% to call. He was very close to getting the right direct odds v those specific 2 hands, and was getting more than a good enough price to call v A6o, Kx. This is direct odds, if we factor in implied odds, it’s a no-brainer call… all day long.

23s is also very easy to play post flop.

So how, exactly, is this guy an idiot?


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Yeah, but then you would have to sound a buzzer when idiots keep betting KK with an Ace in the flop. You were ahead 3/5 pre-flop but even that is still losing 2/5 so it’s a lot closer than you think. That flop put the possibility of an over-pair or a full house on board. The Turn added the possibility of a flush. So many different ways to die.
On the flop you are down to 12% and should have kept your chips for a better spot.


He’s and idiot for even playing 23. If you don’t know who this guy is you really are clueless See: Hold 'em Poker: For Advanced Players: Sklansky, David, Malmuth, Mason: 9781880685228: Books
another source: Advanced Poker Training - Article - NL Hold’em Poker Starting Hand Charts
and every other book on the subject 23 suited is “unplayable”…

Again you miss the point. 23suited is a BS opening hand. Period. see comment to SunPowerGuru below.