What are the odds......?

After two hands of moderately raising my preflop hand, slowing down when the third unmatched suit hits the board, and mucking otherwise winning hands when the fourth falls, it’s my turn. I was dealt the king of spades and something low and off suit. the fourth spade comes down, and I lose, due to folding preflop. Might have had something to do with all the top pair kicker wars i’ve lost, or the chips wasted when someone down the line raises a real hand.
But, this is not a strategy question.
Does anyone have a formula to determine the odds of three straight hands dealing the board four to a flush?

I don’t know what the odds are you asked but I had the winning hand in 3 straights in a row in a league game last night and I folded the next one, resulted in another straight. Very odd.

Odd is the number of quads I’ve seen in the last month or so. Grant you some are in Omaha, but not all. I’ve seen two sets of quads within three hands a few times. I’ll stop there:)

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