Questions, observations, and a little bit of got beat whining

I know that all the weird hands, videos, and stats that impress us beginners, have been seen many times by folks that have been playing for years.
But…there was the first hand of a tourney i played earlier. Limped in threes. Flopped A3A, started scheming on his stack, thinking ‘trip aces for breakfast’. He had the pair.
Had 30 or so chips left. Dealt KcKd. Drew four straight hearts.
Morale of the tale? Flopping a boat can be very unlucky.
Then there’s the quote that probably everyone but myself has seen…

Poker is a lot like sex. Everyone thinks they are the best, but most don’t have a clue what they are doing. — Dutch Boyd

Is there math that says an 8 is a part of more straights than, say, a J, or a 4? Thinking in terms of calling someone’s all-in, with 88, when it’s looking to be heads up.

With no table concerns to adjust for, I usually play 17.3% combos, UTG, up to 50%, on the button. Is this considered loose? Too loose?

On a six-max table, do you play UTG much like 3 otb, or does being first to bet affect it as well?

Anyone know the real odds for hitting an OESD? All the chips I lose, chasing them, tells me the odds can’t be nearly as high as stated…

still working on cockroach poker (just outlasting everyone). I’m thinking about removing small pairs and weak aces from most of my ranges, not just because I think they lose me chips, but for the aggravation. Any thoughts?

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A, 2, and K can only be in 2 straights each.

3 and Q can be in 3 each.

4 and J can be in 4 each.

5 through 10 can be in 5 each.

(at least as far as numerical values, not including suits)


I love T5 - no straight is possible without one of those cards either on the board or in your hand.

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