A question about Statistics!

I have played 245000 hands here and 64% folded,what does that make me as a player?

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Tight and cautious. Try and at least see the flop. Not only does skill impact your game but so does luck my friend.


In my 11,000 hand sample, 75% of pocket cards were trash. And when I say trash, I mean pure, unplayable trash. My pre-flop fold rate was around about 75%, but my total fold rate is 84%, so I have a strong tendency to fold pre-flop and give up on a hand post-flop. So that means I’m a nit.

In your case, a total fold rate of 64% probably suggests around a 50% pre-flop fold rate. So compared to a nit, your style of play seems a little on the loose side, but not very loose.


Good input my friend!!

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Interesting! Thanks Jabr!

I’m about the same Kondrad - I’m 66% fold for almost 73,000 hands. Given that quite more than half the time the hands one gets are trash, I’m good with that rate.

What I find interesting in my stats - and suggest you check this, too - is “pots won” for hands where I see the flop. The number in the stats is pots won over all hands played (73,000), but to me that’s not too useful. If I fold pre-flop, what the heck do I care about the hand?

So anyway, I’ve seen 37,347 flops. Of those seen, I’ve won 17,464 pots. That’s a win rate of 47% when I see the flop.

Of course, I’d want much better than that if all I did was played 1x1 - but I almost exclusively play at 9 player tournament tables where most of the time, multiple people look at the flop - so I’m good with that percentage under those particular terms. And my bank continues to grow, so I guess it’s all good! I’d love to know what my heads-up win percentage is (for the times it gets down to 1x1 at those tables), but the stats don’t track that.

Good luck to you all in the team championship!


Thank you Elvoid!! U too and the input!!

I would see that as a bit loose. But we all have our different styles. I’m 78% folds, but I’m aggressive with what I wish to play. Oftentimes it’s more important what you do after the flop than before. And playing too many hands pre-flop means dropping a lot of small bets. Sure I fold a lot of hands that would have been winners, but I fold a lot more that would not have been.

Like Elvoid, I’m almost exclusively a 9-player table tournament player, and with that, my 40% win/flop rate works for me. My chip count has been on a steady climb and has been limited primarily by the fact that I only play a couple times a week or less.


That’s 64% of all hands, and includes 9-max, 6-max, heads up, and everything in between. The number of hands folded is influenced by the number of people playing.

9 Handed, you will have the best hand about 11% of the time, which means you have not the best hand about 89% of the time.

6 Handed, you will have the best hand about 17% of the time, and not the best hand 83%.

Heads up, you will have the best hand 50% and not the best hand 50%.

Because the hands folded % has to cover a lot of situations, it’s hard to understand what it really means, or what, if anything, you should do about it.


when I first started playing here, I took stats in consideration. have played over 100,000 hands now and fold 84% and win 12%. I like that replay keep track of everything like baseball

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A lot here will depend on what games you are playing, and whether you are usually playing 9 handed, 6 handed, short handed, or even heads up. With more players to compete against, your fold rate should usually be higher, and as you play heads up or short handed more, usually higher.

Here’s me:

Edit: oops, I see others have already said much the same. :slightly_smiling_face:


You obviously meant, “…short handed more, usually lower,” but yeah.

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Oops, yes. Fold rate higher with more players and lower with fewer.


Where on Replay do you find players Statistics ? I get lost a lot ! My mind seem to wander. LOL

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Click your avatar on the home page , then click statistics.

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Pros at the WSOP play about 17% of hands. (I know it doesn’t look like that on TV.)


Well it either makes you a chicken… or a very wise reader of the cards dealt.I would say the ladder,Keep it up…

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What is your “pots won” percent?

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Pots won 22% 54677
At Showdown 44% 24326
Withtout showdown 56% 30351

Flops seen 135025
while in big blind 34112
in small blind 26144
not paying blind 74769

Now 247000 hands and 63% Fold