Statistics, d*** statistics

I am not much of a student of statistics but sometimes they get thrust in front of your nose.

Since I have been on the site I have played almost exactly 99,000 hands, so it is rather easy to mentally work out approximate percentages from raw statistics.

Flops seen:

From BB: 11.5%
From SB: 9%
From Non-blind position: 15.5%

Looks like I am seeing way too many flops from SB, but I suspect my current SB flop count is much lower. In any case one would need a much more in depth breakdown to establish what percentage of those SB hands are won with bluffs versus showdowns and what percentage are SB vs BB situations. Also SB vs BB play includes many factors, like losing a series of small pots and then ambushing your bluffy neighbor with a monster hand and stacking him.

As I have pointed out before, the steep blind structure in RP often leads to situations that favor the first player to bet after the flop as opponents may not be able to afford to call for drawing hands without becoming pot committed.

Pots won at showdown: 45%
Pots won without showdown: 55%

These numbers never seem to change.

Hands folded: 75%

This number never seems to change, so there seems to be some natural inbuilt instinct to play the top 25% of hands. As I am usually playing on 6-max tables, this seems like a reasonable figure.

Pots won: 15%

Perhaps this is the most important number of all. Presumably narrowing the range to, say, 20% or 15% would increase the percentage of pots won, but would it increase the number of tournaments won? There must be some analysis somewhere of what percentage of flops winning tournament players have seen.

A useful stat that is not available is how many tournaments you have won, or how many times you have won each tournament. I know from memory that my biggest tournament win was 41 million chips, but have no idea how many tournaments I have won over the last three years, and cannot be bothered to try to hand count. However it would be nice to know the percentage of MTTs won.

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Interesting statistics, one thing I wonder is that you play 25% of hands but you only see a flop around 12-13% so why are you folding so much preflop after putting in money? Do you limp a lot?

There’s a plugin developed by @moofish that does some of what you you wish.