Help in Understanding Statistics

In the following Statistics
Total Hands=126,522
Flops Seen=94,717
While in Big Blind=15,262
While in Small Blind=14,656
While in no Blind=64,797

Pots Won=12% (15,669)
At Showdown= 72% (11,298)
Without Showdown= 28% (4,371)

I would just like for some input on what part of the game I should try and make a change on to better my game. I have been playing Holdem and Omaha hi/lo for about 3 years now. And of you that do Stats might be able to see what I am needing to change, Also thanks in advance for the help

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Hey KySnakeByte - would love to help but have a few questions (Q) and some caveats © first.

Q - Can you include the rest of the numbers from your stats sheet? Its not a lot of info but every bit helps.

Q - Do you have an idea of what the breakdown between tournament and cash games you play, along with breakdown of 4,6,8 or 9 player tables you play?

C - Whatever info we glean from these stats is not going to be very detailed. We may get a little bit of insight but honestly not all that much, The sample size is great though so at least we should be able to compare your hands played/folded ratio to others and get a decent feel for your opening range.

C - I am not nearly as familiar with Omaha so whatever I say will be through the lens of Hold’em. I assume others will be able to provide the info on how Omaha play differs from Hold’em in the important stats you are looking for though.

Will be back later to check on this. Have to make a bit of an honest effort at work for a bit but will try to help more when I get back, unless someone beats me to it.

I would normally say you play way too many hands, but I guess it’s sort of correct to see more flops in Omaha hi/lo. Still, you see about 75% of the flops, which probably too many.

You also take 3/4 of the hands you win all the way to showdown. Your stats also say you win 12% of your hands. From this I would guess you almost never bluff.

Your profile says you started in Nov 2014, which is 2 years, not 3, I started here in Nov 2015, and have about half as many chips after playing half as long. Since it’s well known that I almost always play nearly perfect poker (hahaha) I don’t see a problem really.

On the other hand, 98% of my chips are from tournament play. I rarely play ring games, and ring games are a MUCH faster way to gather chips.

Just as a point of contrast, my stats say I fold 78%, and win 12%. Of these, 56% is at showdown, 44% is without showdown. I would say 99%+ is from holdum tournies, though I have been playing some O H/L rings lately trying to learn the game.

You are playing winning poker. Your approach to the game is different than mine, but whatever you’re doing seems to be working for you. I don’t see the need for you to change anything.

As another point of reference, logging in every day to collect the 2500 chip bonus would net you 912,500 chips per year. You are making 7 or 8 times this amount, which is another indication that you’re doing well.

If you want more chips, try moving up to slightly higher stakes, though I don’t know what you would do with more chips. You have more now than you really need in order to have fun.

Just my 2 cents.


FYI - Been here 2.5 years of which 1.5 was playing Texas and almost a year on Omaha Hi-Lo. My numbers are off because Hi-Lo is a new game and it has brought my Flops Seen way up (this is the nature of Hi-Lo, and supposedly it is also the most profitable poker game. Any other analysis is welcomed.

Total Hands = 361,130
Rank = 289
Flops Seen = 154,801
While in Big Blind = 59,205
While in Small Blind = 39,044
While in no Blind = 56,552

Pots Won = 17% (60,497)
At Showdown = 50% (30,257)
Without Showdown = 50% (30,240)

One other comment, when I started Hi-Lo I was ranked around 200, meaning not that I lost; I haven’t but I haven’t gained anywhere near as fast as my colleagues who started at the same time and are now ranked in the 100s.



Hi/Lo definitely has a major impact on flops seen. In multi table games I will see every flop while blinds are low

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Only guessing, I would say that 95% of game play is 500/1K Hi/Lo ring games with maybe 20% of that playing 1K/2K HiLo Ring games. Been playing some tourneys here lately. Won 1 in American Dream couple of weeks ago, but keep getting eat up by the blinds.
Tourney Stats
Weekly (top 10)= 45,535
Monthly(top 20) = 206,916
Yearly (top 100) =1,059,666
when playing tourneys its is mostly 10K hilo also trying to learn Holdem lately and most of the tables are 9 people hopes this helps a bit that all i know

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Ky - I apologize for letting this slide. I totally forgot about it as I do not come to this forum daily (as I probably should start doing). Sorry for leaving you hanging like that. It was rude of me.

Anyway, it looks like there are players here who have a much better handle on the stats involved with hi/lo and that is good because I am familiar pretty much only with hold em. Since you seem to be doing so well in your games, my only thought would be for you to tighten up your range a bit and pay more attention to position. Small bleeds of chips add up over the course of tournaments. Since you say you get blinded out at the end of some games, I’d use that as a reminder to yourself during the earlier stages of a game to make sure you want to play your cards in your position or not.

My feeling is that we should conserve our chips for the spots where we really want them on the table and can put them to maximum use and impact. If you played slightly fewer hands over a tournament, you may find yourself in better shape to go deeper at the end. First of all, you have bled less chips on hands best left alone and second, you may have played the fewer hands you were in more effectively. You should therefore have some incrementally larger stack to use at the end of the game.

I hope this makes sense to you and is of some help. I find that I get into the most trouble on the “cheap” flops I see. When I discipline myself to only engage in the proper spots, I tend to have better results. Sure, I play less hands and that can be a bit boring but the object is to win these things, right? Someone once said that poker is about long periods of boredom interspersed with moments of sheer panic. Not sure if I got that exactly right but should be close enough.

Enjoy your game and just refine your hand selection and position plays a little and see how that goes. I would wager that you will see a nice boost in your performance from trying this. Best of luck to you.

The zombie has come back to life :slight_smile: … I think (hope) it’s appropriate to keep similar questions under one thread for easier reference by other people.

Just like the OP, I’m curious as to what experienced people can glean from my stats page by way of identifying weaknesses. 100% NLHE.

I started playing 9 seat ring games late December last year but for the last month or so I’ve been playing far more MTT and SnG.


Tournament Points
Weekly (Top 10) 10,129
Monthly (Top 20) 273,322
Yearly (Top 100) 758,316
Total hands played: 17,175
Hands folded: 77% (13,213)
Rank: 14,252
Flops seen: 5,679
While in big blind: 2,142
While in small blind: 1,039
While not paying blind: 2,498
Pots Won: 13% (2,211)
At showdown: 43% (948)
Without showdown: 57% (1,263)

Thanks for your time and assistance, very much appreciated.