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Looking at my player profile and statistics pages, they say I’ve been here since December, 2015, that I’ve played nearly 250K hands, folded 75% of them at some point prior to the showdown, and won 14% of my hands played to showdown. 75% + 14% = 89%. Presumably, that means I’ve lost the other 11% of the hands I saw to the showdown. Considering my bank currently has a bit over 8.5M chips, how could I have done that with a delta of only 3% (14% - 11% = 3%). I agree that I’m winning about 56% of my showdowns (and losing the other 44%), but I play very low stakes (1-2, 2-4, 5-10 and free rolls). Am I somehow misreading or misunderstanding these statistics? Have the majority of my profits come from the 3% difference between the showdowns I lose and the ones i win?
It also indicates I’m winning at showdown 73% of the time and winning without a showdown 27% of the time.
I’m more confused now than I was when I started looking at these numbers. Help!

Pots won with a showdown is referring to people betting with you till end, and without showdown are hands folding to you before you are forced to show winning hand, so if you muck, or if you have an opportunity to show cards after winning, it’s without showdown
So now combine the “at showdown & without showdown” to get 100%, also add your hands folded to total pots won ( the grey letters right above at showdown) to get 90.2%
Summery: folds & pots won = 90.2 with & without showdown = 100
now take total hands played minus folded hands & total pots won, to get hands unaccounted for then divide that by total hands played…

Here is mine ( 168431 total hands - 132084 folded hands - 19849 pots won (with & without showdown = 16498… now 16498 divided by 168431 total hands = 9.8%

If using a calculator make sure the decimal point is on the “2” then the smallest number goes into biggest number the click the % button not the “=” button… so I lost 9.8% of the hands I played till the finish. hope I didn’t make it too hard

Total hands played: 263,930
Hands folded: 74% (194,706)
Rank: 2,195

Flops seen: 115,490
While in big blind: 33,347
While in small blind: 24,691
While not paying blind: 57,452

Pots Won: 12% (32,588)
At showdown: 71% (23,150)
Without showdown: 29% (9,438)

Alan, this is how I interpret this :
Hands folded - is in total, not just preflop, hands not going to showdown.
Flops Seen - of Hands played , and the breakout of those are shown.
Pots Won - of Hands played, with its own breakout… 71% of 32k is 23k

so I won at showdown, 71% of 12% of #Hands played … or = .71(.12(#hands played)))
Does that help @ all Alan ???

Hands folded plus pots won = 86% leaving 14% unaccounted for (13.88 if they used partial percent’s) using the math form my post I come up with a loss of 13.88% of the hands you didn’t fold or win. Sassy tell me if you want this removed, ok?

@JuiceeLoot ,
I don’t work here , hahahaha… I see no reason to.

nothing I read is a % of flops seen, only of hands played.
12 percent of 364k is roughly the 32k… so that math seems ok.
= .71 * .12 * 364k is roughly the 24k … so that seems ok also.

Its impossible to say from these numbers …
what is my % Pots won, @ showdown , while in small blind ( or Big blind, or No blind ) …

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Thanks, Sarah & Juicy. Our numbers and percentages are similar. What I don’t understand is how I could generate that much in “profits” on only 3% of my hands (that’s the total 14% won minus the implied 11% lost at showdown). Unless the hands I win are MUCH larger than the hands I lose… Otherwise, it would imply my total bets on those hands are about 33 times what is currently in my bank. Frankly, that seems absurd. (33 X 8.5M = 280M chips! Or 1120 chips per hand every time I’ve won? It’s rare when my pots reach 500 chips, let alone more than double that.). That’s why I’m questioning it. Clearly, I’m missing something basic, but I don’t see what it is.

Are you taking into consideration the daily chips you receive for logging in?

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Hi Alan,

Juicee beat me to it, but I was gonna suggest the same thing. When considering your current bankroll you also need to consider the 2500 free chips every day (which add up to over 2.5 millions in 3 years if you haven’t missed a day) and all the additional free chips awarded for any other reason (suggesting a contest to the forums, winning a leaderboard reward, etc…).

I would also not do the 14 - 11 = 3% equation, because 14% and 11% are percentages of pots won and lost, but not their value. In the pots lost, your bets and calls are usually much less than the pots won, so the value in the 14% won is much higher than that of the pots lost.
Apart from that, there is no contradiction in the stats. They only show the numbers of pots, not their value.

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Aha! Thanks, Juicy and Maya. That accounts for about 2.7M, nearly one third of the total. Now it starts to make sense.They are “chips accumulated,” NOT “chips won.” With “other” additions, now the numbers begin to seem more realistic. Problem solved. Thank you.


It’s likely that the pots you win at showdown ARE larger than those you lose. There are a lot of passive players in the site that will check their monsters, while stronger players like you would seek to build those pots before showdown. As a result, you’re probably seeing free/cheap showdowns when you lose, but reaping large pots when you win.

There’s also the question of pots won and lost without showdown. Are you folding for cheap, while picking up bloated pots before showdown? That could lead to bankroll growth, too.

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It’s not just pots won though that increase the bankroll. If you place in MTT’s, especially freerolls, you pay nothing and you still win decent amounts of chips. This is unrelated to the number of pots won or lost, at showdown or otherwise. So you’re still accumulating big amounts of chips by placing in MTT’s over 3 years, without losing any of your own. That also makes the bankroll grow at a much faster pace than small pots won in ring games do.

That’s why I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and compare the number of hands won and lost with the bankroll size as there are many other factors related to accumulating chips which are not taken into consideration in the percentages of pots and hands won and lost.


Thanks. Good points>

Wait,are you saying any/all hands won or lost in freerolls are not part of the stats ? I was under the impression that every hand played, regardless of where it is played,is included in the “Total Hands Played” and as such is part of all the stats generated by ones play. Some clarity is definitely needed.

Quite the opposite. All hands won or lost in freerolls and otherwise are part of the stats. But you can’t put a value on them to conclude how it affects your bankroll. Hands won in a ring game bring you chips, and hands lost in a ring game make you lose them. But hands won and lost in freerolls don’t. You have to finish in a winning position to get chips regardless of how many hands you fold, win or lose. So statistically, you can’t compare/conclude the value of your bankroll from the number of hands played, won and lost,

It’s just like someone saying: I worked 15 days this month, and I get paid 1000 dollars per month, so I made 500 dollars, and my bills were 300 dollars, so I should end up with 200 dollars, but somehow I have 1000 dollars still! You just forgot to count the extra money your parents give you daily, and bonuses you got from work etc… That’s all.

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