What are your fold/win stats?

Mine are: hands folded-84%, pots won-10%

Hands folded - 64%
Pots won - 20%

The strange part for me is my pots won has been 19 - 20% since I’ve started on here. I don’t recall the hands folded % from the start.

Folded: 85% (I’m surprised it’s not more)

Won: The site says 10%, but actually is 9.75% (which is a significant difference in the context of 169,232 games played).

I’m a nit. I fold trash like it’s my job and my hobby. But it’s incredibly boring if every other player at the table is a nit. :rofl:

Hands Folded 72%
Hands won 16%

69% folded.

22% won.

64% and 24%

I am sure cash game i do not plat that many hands:)

being in small n big blind, lot of folding for fake money lol:)