What are your fold/win stats?

Mine are: hands folded-84%, pots won-10%

Hands folded - 64%
Pots won - 20%

The strange part for me is my pots won has been 19 - 20% since I’ve started on here. I don’t recall the hands folded % from the start.

Folded: 85% (I’m surprised it’s not more)

Won: The site says 10%, but actually is 9.75% (which is a significant difference in the context of 169,232 games played).

I’m a nit. I fold trash like it’s my job and my hobby. But it’s incredibly boring if every other player at the table is a nit. :rofl:

Hands Folded 72%
Hands won 16%

69% folded.

22% won.

64% and 24%

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being in small n big blind, lot of folding for fake money lol:)

Great question. I have no clue. This thread may educate me what I should be doing. I really like these types of questions.

Just look them up on your profile, has everything there.

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Those are great stats :+1:t2:

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Folded 74%, won 18%.

Won before showdown 67%. At showdown 33%.

Your stats may vary quite a bit depending on what kind of games you play in. I play mostly 6-Max MT tournaments, so often there are less than six players at the table.

Surprisingly, about 2/3 of the hands I play are from the blinds. That is probably because there is so much limping on RP.

When you are playing in MTTs, it is likely that you will have a high proportion of pots won when you are playing a pot from non blind positions, because if you lose two or three big pots, you are probably out of the tournament, but in the tournaments that you win or make the final table, you will win many pots unopposed.

Of course in NL hold’em, the real question is how big are the pots that you are winning? It would be interesting to know the average blind size of the pots won. From the numbers that people have posted here, it seems that people who fold more hands pre-flop win a lower percentage of pots, which seems contrary to what you might expect. Is this an indication that tight players do not bluff enough or that they win fewer pots, but compensate by winning bigger pots.

My own perspective on bluffing and tournaments is that it pays to build a very tight image so that you can make a small number of outrageous bluffs for huge pots.

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The stats are a combination of all games played over the whole time since you registered on Replay so I don’t understand it depends on what games you play. ??

Interesting :slight_smile:

Total hands played: 1,094,362
Hands folded: 74% (813,031)
Pots Won: 18% (192,552)
At showdown: 36% (68,709)
Without showdown: 64% (123,843)

Not sure if this is good, bad or indifferent … But after 1 Million + Hands it definitely is what it is :sunglasses:


Yup, it is what it it. Don’t know what to make of all that.

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I’ve folded 82% of my hands, but have won over 60% of the hands I’ve played, and my winnings exceed my losses by a large amount.

Yea OK :slight_smile:

@jrseanev @bill8888

These Stats are noted on the Statistics Page in the drop down menu.

Maybe if we look at:

69% folded which means 31% hands were played.
22% won means 22/31 = 71% of hands played were won.

Which is pretty good IMO but, only if you’ve played more than 250k hands.The 250k hands played is debatable for skill level consideration. Given those stats are they as good when the player has only played 50k vs 250k vs 1million +/- hands.

.18/.26 = 69.2% after 1million+ hands is pretty good. But, you already probably knew that.

.60/.18 = 333.33%, you must be one of the biggest Nit on here.

Again, this is just my opinion and I’m not married to it and open to other’s suggestions.

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I would think that if you played 80% of the games that you played on RP on 6-Max tables as opposed to 9-Max tables, then you would play more hands, because he would be in the blinds more often. No?


Almost identical to mine!

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Yea when I noticed that I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or stick my head in the oven :crazy_face: