Bad beats and Questionable hands in an MTT

Here’s a sequence of hands that just happened leading to my early exit (47th place/111) from a MTT:

I managed to win a good pot with KK, taking a big chunk out of the table’s chip leader and knocking out a player: KK over JJ over AK.

Well done.

A few hands later, playing a straight against a set of 5s, and get sucked out on the river by my opponent hitting quads, the player who had JJ in that previous hand. I’m about to knock him out of the tournament, but instead give him just about all the chips he had before right back. I semi-bluff to try to buy the pot outright at the flop, am raised, and decide to call, hit the Straight on the Turn, and think I’m about to take him down, and then the river decimated me. Maybe calling the raise wasn’t the best move, but when I hit the Turn, I was sure I’d lucked out. Nope!

Went from 10,000 down to 4700 chips. Lousy luck, but survivable.

Next hand, I get J9s, raise form UTG+1, and the flop pairs my Jack, but it’s solid Clubs. I bet half the pot and am raised, and have to give it up. Probably should have just checked the flop and layed down, and arguably should not have opened to start the hand off, either. But sometimes when the flop is solid suited, you can bluff that you’re holding the flush. Worth a shot, so I thought, but there goes about half my remaining stack. Now at 2700 chips. Whether my opponent had one club, two clubs, a Queen, or JT or better, I didn’t need to find out.

Next, I get dealt JJ and use it effectively, by just raising in UTG position, getting most of the table to fold, but then having to call a shove from another small stack at the table who held K9o, taking him out and getting back up to nearly 5000 chips.

And then, I raise from the SB with Q8 hoping to steal, but get two callers, one hits trip 5s (the same guy who hit quad-5s from before) and the other caller had paired his King. I attempt to bluff the pot by going all-in at the flop, a naked bluff, and am out.

I’m certain if my straight had held up and I didn’t lose all those chips to the quad-5s hand, I wouldn’t have felt like I needed to play Q8 from the SB at all. I had wanted to try to take the blinds and either just didn’t bet enough to get everyone to fold, or it was just one of those situations where no matter how much I bet, someone was going to call that hand who could beat me. Of course it’s the two big stacks at the table who felt they could make the call. Getting sandwiched between two big stacks like that really cramps your style, and I should have recognized that and not tried to force down the hand. You can bully with the big stack, but you can’t bully the big stack.

I guess the real lesson here is to always get dealt 55. :wink:

Take notice of how many “4 to the flush” (4 cards of the same suit) hits a board in a tournament sometime. Then count how many of that same suit are in the caller’s hands on the river.

There are only 13 cars in a suit - when 75% of them are out on the river between multiple callers - and this occurs multiple times in the same tournament - sometimes on the SAME TABLE -

THAT is a serious programing bug.

This is the primary reason I have NEVER purchased chips on Replay. Probably never will.

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It seems the same cards are rotated in some sort of series, same cards but the suit changes.
Some if a wiining player shows Kh Jd for example, next round I got the same cards but Kc Jh
My hand will lose though.

The in another instance, a player just gets lucky with 4-5 best in a row…
I just left, re-booted the puter, and turned it off…then back again to try again…similar things happen that one feels it’s not shuffling right. can’t nail it, but ya know something is weird.

With all these questions about RNG and fairness, you’d think RPP could do themselves a favor and publish their shuffle algorithm.

When you go sifting through a large amount of random data looking for patterns, you will find them if you look long enough, and focus on a small enough subset of the data.

Why does the “bad random” always favor someone else?

I think the reason you won’t buy chips here has more to do with your outcomes when holding chips than it does with the mathematical purity of the shuffle.

I won’t buy chips here either, but that’s more because they won’t convert back into real money again. And also because I’d lose a lot of money. Lol.

Buying chips depending on the deal on offer. I don’t mind paying for a service for entertainment Vs going out and seeing what these days, a new water fountain in the city or new trees planted, or protests cos old trees got the chop ? lol
TV ( free to air is just full of ads every 5 minutes and they know when to put on the maccas ads, so ya get the muncys). So for me this is cheap between other things. OK, chores can be delayed, cos a game is on, eventually they get done…
What I’d like to see as someone has suggested, is more variants of poker, like 32 card deck, manilla they call it. Rules are slightly different but all the same, it’s poker.

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