Done here!

I lost everything on an even split, ONE person against ME, Same cards as Me!


My opponent took everything with the same exact hand! I (CLICKED TWICE) My bet & Bet went through!

To the MANAGEMENT; THIS IS WHY I WILL never, never, never ,never SPEND ONE CENT HERE!


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can you put a link of the hand replay in here?

if you were wrong we can help you about what was going on.
if you were right everyone has proof of what you mentioned and something can be done about it.

either way it will solve the problem.

Hi there!

This is unfortunate to hear. If you believe you were wronged out of chips please email support at . They will be able to help you. Please be sure to provide a link to the hand or the hand ID.

If you mean this hand you did lose it .
You both shared KJ54 clubs. You held 6 clubs while dani held 10 clubs. Flushes are ranked from the highest down AKQJT98765 . Both of you had the King & Jack as highest and second highest ranked card. His third highest ranked card was the 10 which is higher ranked than your 6 so he wins. You both had a King high flush and would be announced as such be the dealer but his was better.
If you are unsure about the rules or card/hand ranking of any game scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard page and hit “Game Rules” and it will take you to the Knowledge Base where all this kind of stuff is explained. Hope this helps…


Since we don’t have the hand, I’ll go out on a limb and say… Straight or Flush

He is describe’n say… AQ vs AQ, but the problem was suits, so that rules out a straight…

Ah Qc vs As Qs … if hand is … Kh Js 4h … 7h … 10h … it is believable he thought both hit a straight for a split pot, yet only player 1 hit the flush and takes the pot outright…

There are many ways the same 2 cards do NOT split the pot…

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Have a look at that hand number and you will see what I mean.

I watched it… but he said “same cards as me” …none of those 4 cards matched.
I couldv’e seen where all 5 cards were clubs, and 4th in line ( from hand ) was diff, and he thought that the board played… as “same hand” but that didn’t happen either.

He only played 17 hands in that session on “Amazonian forest” and lost 85% of his buy-in on that hand. It’s the only one even close to same hand and both were announced as King high flushes. Hope he posts the actual hand number cos I’m kinda curious now.
Good Luck and Good Cards.

I just have a hard time on repay I promised mickyfinn I would not say any thing negative about the way they run there poker room I guess I will have to close my account and move on they will not give me a decent hand and I refuse to go back to the low tables all my poker friends are on med tables Ilost over 600k just to day so if I have to close my account how do u do that sammymorgan

Well, most people just quit logging in to the site…

I’m a glutton for punishment!

I’m Back, Yet now I WIN & I don’t get paid!

All day today off & on.

This place really had to do some Spring cleaning a long time back.


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Please look at hand #1 at 11:20am 09/14/17. THANK YOU!


Oh Sammy! Say whatever you choose dear - that’s why its a Community Forum! LOL :grin:

So what hand number is that Kill? Would be most helpful with the link for the replay…

Another Flush
For a flush… top 5 cards count…

**Your cards in rank order… **
A, K, 10, 7, 4
A, K Q, 4 , 2

A, K, Q beats A, K, 10

Does that help? If not… I’ll ask the Replay Staff to explain… they are always much better at it than I!!!


When there’s four flush cards on the board you shouldn’t go all in unless you have the nut flush. Simple as that. Learn to consider your opponent’s cards as well.

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thx but that’s not the way it works. lemme explain: go to the upper right corner of replay, that is where your profile picture is placed, click on it. now a list of options appear (same where you also log out and go to your profile). the 6th one is hands, click on it. now you can search to your hands and click on the one(s) giving you trouble. now you can do two things: the best one is to copy the URL and post it into a link, now we are directly going to the specific hand. the other option is just writing down the hand number you see next to the hand and post it on the thread, that way we can see the hand by going there ourself.
long story short, if you do this we can also see the hand and what happened on it and help you out that way.

hope this helps.


in a 500 rebuy tourney near to the end with myself close to the top of about 80 players,with less than 20 remaining the game went haywire .To get there i did quite a few rebuys.Then i was refunded 500 chips by replay.Wonder what happened to the 250+ rebuys

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