Wrong decisions

On three occasions I have had a straight lose to 3 of a kind

Can you post the hand numbers (top left corner of table) so staff and community may review them.

Are you sure they didn’t have a full house?
Are you sure you had a straight?

Were you playing Omaha where you MUST use two of your hole cards to make the hand?

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hand #460884514 today 1:12 pm I had low hand and they gave it to
lesser hand. This happens often please correct. Thanks

@bige13 there is nothing to correct.

You had 8-6-5-2-A Low
Obinpe had 8-6-4-3-2 Low

The way to read and compare the lo hands is from highest card to lowest.

8-6-4-3-2 is lower than 8-6-5-2-1 (4 is lower than 5), that’s why Obinpe won the hand.


Ok I see your right my mistake… Thanks


I’m done with replay. I’ve stuck up for them numerous times but I’m fed up. The last 3 days I’ve been given nothing for hands. Today I had the better hand a few times and it was given to someone else. The way they hold the tourneys also to promote bullies and bingo players is now too much also.
You will not see me on this site for a while and I hope that when I try it again things have changed. As much as I wanted to believe that the play I was fair. I now believe it’s not. I know there is such a thing as bad luck but the hands I been getting go beyond that.
Learn to promote the good players that enjoy a good game of poker not just the bullies and bingo players please. Until then I’m out of this site and it may be for good.

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Why wouldn’t you post the hand number(s) and elaborate on what you’re accusing the site of?
I don’t understand posts like this…I mean I understand you are frustrated about something and venting but maybe if you posted evidence of the site being unfair in some way, one of us might be able to help you understand what actually happened…perhaps you are overlooking or misunderstanding something?
If the site was unfair I would want to leave too but not without pointing to the evidence first.