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I would like to know why or how, they can fix the game to where my Jacks over nines were beat out of half my winnings, when a 5-9 straight robbed me somehow of half the 155,480 in winnings? Also, why are “they” hiding with no way at all to contact admins or site management to get back my 75,850 chips I was ripped out of. Do they just make stuff up as they go along or what.

Main pot or side pot, my full house beat his straight hands down.

What a friggin’ RIP OFF!

Then I see they deleted any way to contact the site staff.


You were on an Omaha Hi Lo table. The hi hand (your jacks full of sixes) won the hi hand, the straight won the low hand. The two hands split the pot.
Hope that clears it up for you ace.


Your house won but the other 2 players had more chips in the hand. Your 25k won the first pot of 75k. The other 2 players had more chips in the pot than you so the extra chips were won by the straight. You were not entitled to any of the extra chips. sipitungsakti all-in was 60k, your all-in only called 20k of that because that is all the chips you had. ddiinnoo called you both. You won the pot except for those extra chips.
If you rewatch the hand you will see that there are 2 pots before the river card is dealt. You qualify only for the 75k pot. The other pot is between sipitungsakti and ddiinnoo

I hope this clears it up for you as it isn’t a ******* RIP OFF! just a mistake in your part


Sorry, but you might not be correct here.

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There are 2 pots here … U started 25k and won the 1st pot the side pot was between other 2 players b/c they had bigger starting stacks.


You can contact support by clicking on the ? on the top bar of the dashboard page by where your bankroll is located. It hasn’t been deleted and is still there where it’s always been.


Thanks for the correction. :blush:


I like to send an email to support@replaypoker.com. I always get a very quick response–either actually answering my concern or letting me know I’ll get a full response within 24 hours. It’s a very supportive team with 24/7 responsiveness.