All in on preflop

OHH, see them in tournaments 2 BUT never saw one last long enough to even make the money:).

I would say that sounds about right. I play 20 hands and only bet on one or two with the best hand and still lose a lot. One day I got A,K and went all in and won. The next hand was A,K as well and i went all in and lost. On another day I got pocket A’s, K’s, and Q’s within 10 hands. Went all in only to lose all of them. Sometimes luck is with me and others not so much. Still, I love that anyone with any cards can win at any time. Everyone gets a chance to have a great day at the tables. If I lose and someone gets some enjoyment from winning the chips, then I consider myself a winner. Play on!!! :slight_smile:

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This seems to be the prevailing opinion of those who repeatedly go all in preflop and the reason for this thread.

But, are you really having fun playing poker because others (and it appears probably most) don’t?

For me, it’s a time to relax when I just try and enjoy playing poker as in a real money game obviously without the stress.

I have never in my entire life heard anything like this being said about losing at poker.

This will definitely be on my podcast this evening :flushed:

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Craig, I don’t think anyone was really complaining about losing at poker. For me, it is just a time to relax, have some fun and learn from my mistakes. For me, it is a waste of time for me to wait until I get a good hand and challenge a guy that goes all in over and over preflop. I really enjoy having a group that plays as if it is really money. That is why it is easier to move to a new table and utilize my time by enjoying the game and company.

I wasn’t thinking that all, in fact just the opposite. The OP actually said what I quoted him as saying.

Anyone that considers themselves a winner when someone else gets enjoyment from taking their chips is a loser. That is one dumb statement.


Theres pre flop bingo. Then there is 7 ppl calling with bad hands and hoping they get lucky with the flop, and then with the turn and the river. Thats also bingo. So if you complain about preflop bingo DO NOT play bingo by calling with nothing.


That’s a fair statement. I’m not afraid to be a loser as long as everyone enjoys the game. And, in my mind, it’s only a game…hehe :slight_smile:
Play On!!
I only hope others are happy for me when I win. Causing other people stress is not a good thing.
Once again, only my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

Enjoy my chips lmao, I’d rather enjoy their chips lol.

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There are certainly times when going all-in preflop is justified by either the cards, the situation, or both. Usually the decision tree for me, in order of most justification, is 1. Both 2. Situation alone 3. Cards alone. Why are the cards the weakest decision point? Because even pocket aces are just a pair- as we have all, at times, painfully found out.

Bottom line is if the money were real, many people here would never risk playing at all, and the vast majority of the rest that do play would play quite differently.

I prefer to try to play as if my chips were real - but even at that, there are rare times where I might “take a flyer” that I would NEVER consider if the money were real for whatever reason. Others here take flyers all the time because to them, busting out 80 percent of the time is worth that 20 percent of times they win.

Fake chips, no consequences. It’s just all in good fun for them, whatever their definition of “fun” is, and that’s fine by me. Let your freak flag fly, excessive all-in peeps! You nearly always bust out spectacularly at some point - I just hope I get a piece of it!


I couldn’t have said it better, outstanding :+1:t2:

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A simple rule I learned a long time ago from reading many poker books when I was first learning is free poker you play the cards and real money poker you play the person.

I did a small test myself tonight. I called 10 hands no matter what the cards. I set my limit to 400 chips and automatic reload to 400 each time my chips went below that amount. At the end of test I came out with over 1700 chips. And now when I think about it. I did lose several hands but did not calculate in those chips. No wonder I don’t do testing…hehe :slight_smile:

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I NEVER read a book but started playing money games at 12 ( 7 stud with friends). Having patience is good and as you said PLAYING the player is a great thing and u play different hands against different people.

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ALSO, remember on re-play awww the hands are much better lol.

should allow Capt of table to boot bad play or chat

What’s a Captain of the table ???



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I have found that once I got into higher stakes all in preflop becomes much rarer unless the player is tilted, low stakes it is quite a problem though. If someone shoves pre on low stakes just call with any good Ax hand or pocket pair and steal all their chips :wink:

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The capt is the aggressive player in basically every pot.