All in Only

I generally like this website. It’s a pretty good play money poker website. But it suffers from the same problem all play money poker websites suffer from, players who do not respect the chips and just go all in preflop every time. Join a 1/2 game and you’re guaranteed to see one. Even higher stakes like 50/100 you still see them. Just annoys me that the most profitable way to play in replay poker is to challenge these all ins with a good hand and hope to double up. Even when they double up, their antics eventually catch up to them and they go bust. Even when it’s not a preflop all in shove, hands that seem to play out normally just end up in an all in shove by the end. Bet sizing is just not a concept that exists here. It’s only all ins. Just pisses me off honestly.

I agree. To many times I’m at a good table with players who respect the game and someone will come in and All In pre flop every time until they bust. Sad part is that at times they win with holding nothing.
It’s a shame that they don’t want to learn the strategy of the game. They might enjoy it more.

All I can say is that it teaches you patience. It is annoying though.


I find this and other complaints about poor play confusing. Assuming you have a bank roll appropriate for the stakes you are playing at, is there anything easier than winning chips from players that go all in pre-flop with random hands? If you want opponents that make fewer mistakes, win chips from these players you are complaining about and start playing at higher stakes. If you make it to the highest stakes here and still find the play of your opponents too riddled with mistakes, consider playing professionally.


try some of the multi-player tournaments like the American league

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You have a valid explanation. Thank you for your response