Zoom/Rush Poker For Action Junkies?

I’m an action junkie and just love the game of poker a lot myself. Having a zoom/rush table (and the option especially of having multiple of these running at the same time) would just let me pump in the grind and play a chunk of poker.

For those that don’t know what zoom/rush poker is, it is a game of poker with people in a player pool. Once you hit a ‘fast fold’ button, you get to play another hand with a whole bunch of different people allowing people not to get bored and play a bunch of hands, which a lot of people if not all would like.

If you do still want to find out more, then I would suggest reading this article:


Hi Scrover

Yeah, it is a great game, only not sure it is possible on Replay Poker at the moment.

The table seating (switching) must go very fast, not sure it is possible in Flash and i believe with a 6 seated table about 60 - 80 players must join at least to keep it fast.

But for sure, if it would be possible to add this game i would like it very much.

Greetings Happiness.

It sure would be a blast to have! Thanks for the suggestion.