Please add at least one TURBO mode ring game for 2/4 stakes games

it makes your site much more enjoyable and playable. you’ll get more subscribers.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass this on to our scheduling team now and we’ll let you know if we can add one.

Hi constanceburn

The tables with the stake of 2/4 are the tables for the beginners, we got requests to keep the speed regular (20 sec) there because fast (10 sec) is to fast for a lot of beginners.

Often there are a couple of tables running, so i think beginners likes to have the 20 sec. (if they need it, not all players use the whole clock of course)

The 4/8 stake tables are fast. I’m sure if you open that room it is filled up quick.

The 6 seats tables are regular speed, but with 6 players the rounds goes faster. The first 6 seats table for No Limit Holdem is with the stake 15/30. We can add an 2/4 or 4/8 stake table with 6 seats if you like.

Greetings Happiness.

I think its a good suggestion, I was going to sugg it myself. reason; it would give newbies a reasonably lowcost way to get used to turbo without loosing too much $ and the tension/anxiety would be lower at 2/4. I think introducing a few table at that speed to see if the players like/use it would be a good thing.