I'm not fast on my computer,can u put an "ALL IN " tab to hit rather than typing in the amount?

I’m older than most computors and am not as fast on typing as most is, I can turn a wrench,climb a tree,plow snow or down a case of beer,but typing is just not my thing, The Texas holdem game has one and it works great, if u did this it would sure be an improvement that would help a lot of players…

Hi patroit

Good news for you!

Replay Poker is already started working on the quick bet buttons, than with one mouse click you are all in or for example you bet the pot in one click.

Not know exactly when it will be ready and live on the stie, but it is coming.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.

That’s right, we’ve already done most of the work needed to get this live, so I expect you’ll see it added to the game table in the coming weeks.

Well Thank you, it will help a lot of people like me !