Lobby Changes & Turbo Rooms!

Today, we’ve updated the ring games listed in the low, medium and high stake lobbys.

Apart from changes to seats, blinds and the amount you’re allowed to bring to the tables, we’ve added the most requested feature on ReplayPoker, Turbo Rooms.

Now when you enter the lobbys you can choose between regular speed games and new, fast speed games, where your decision time is cut from 20 secs to just 10 secs.

We hope you like the changes! We’ll be making further tweaks this week, so if you have any feedback be sure to tell us below.

turbo rooms are great, but having blinds at 400 in low stakes makes no sense what so ever. i have not spoke to anyone happy about it. now no one ever plays med. maybe some one made a mistake and meant for blinds to be 20-40. makes a little more sense

I agree it’s rather odd, I think the idea was it’s a simple way of implementing something like the all-in or fold tables: http://support.replaypoker.com/replaypoker/topics/all_in_fold

But if people think it’s undesirable, we’ll remove them. Please post your thoughts on this topic.

I like the idea to give this rather then all-in fold table at low. May not a good idea at low anyway ( as marcus pointed out + cheaters use this + low stake for learn to play + if only at medium and high rooms this, may encourage players more to play nice at low and go to higher rooms and don’t play bingo )

Everyone is referring to the Total Mania Low table. This table with the low buy-in and high relative blinds forces players to play the bingo style or be blinded out of the game. I have played this table extensively and it seems to be popular with all level of players. The choice to buy-in at this table is always the players.