Advancing to high stake to difficult?

First of all i have to give my credits to the work that is put into replaypoker. You guys are doing a great job, to bad that it is not paying of in to much extra players yet. Partially the cause of an issue I’m experiencing at the moment.

I’m leaving low stake or a tournament with 100 000 chips like every day, check my history if possible. Then next you want to play medium of course and what happens is, you run into a bunch of folks with a million up to 200 million who are hanging around in medium stake who are probably bored because there is no one playing high stake at that time. So what do they do. (They know) you are short stacked and won’t answer a good raise with a bad or average hand. Bluffing your self being very short stacked against players for who have plenty aint the smartest thing to do either so basically all you depend on is luck to win an all in hand so you can play another day and spread your luck. I know what im talking about, i was a high stake player with up to 30 mil as well. Its the easiest thing on the world to exploit low stacked players. The chips on the table might not display it but basically it’s the same thing as playing heads on tournament with 200 chips vs one with 9800.

Although i can have fun playing a tournament as well(where chances are equal at the start) it’s something that has been on my mind. I guess if there would only be enough players, many with 250 k and up wouldn’t have to play medium stake.

What’s your opinion on this and are there any idea’s to improve this? It would be good for players on all levels :wink:

I dont think when you let medium stake players play only medium rooms and high stake players only in high rooms you solve the problem.

In the Big Blind Mania rooms i saw players first build a big stack and after that raising much every time.

The rooms Big Blind Mania or Total Mania in medium stake are not good for your bank when you have only 100k on it, better play Gold Spade or other room with low blinds.But this moment most players go to the mania rooms.

In low i see that players use all the rooms now. With less chips on the bank they play low blinds rooms and with more chips on the bank the big blind rooms.

Its pity they dont do it in medium and high yet.

In mania you can win very quick but lose very very quicker.


I didn’t say or mean i would like to see restrictions for high stake players, that’s not fair. But they are a problem in medium stake rooms. Remember why i was a high stake player and i had to go medium because there was nobody online? I use to throw away all my winnings when i left the room because it was to easy to take chips. When you have more then enough on the bank it doesn’t hurt to call 50 k with 2 4 or to bet 10 000 on the pre flop with nothing. Now i do not blame these high stake players, cause its not their fault, so hope nobody feels attacked.

The only good option I can think of so far is, min. bank stack for medium stake: 40 000, stack for high stake 80 000. That will bring more players to medium to play on these low blind tables like gold spade and might move more players to high stake. Don’t know why they changed this. It takes weeks to win 250 000 on gold spade so its very attractive to play in a total mania room when you have enough for med.

i like the old stack rules when they were 40 and 80 also

I see its no such a thing low or high anymore in reality. low Big blind rooms you can play high stake game, no need to gather 250k to play high rooms, its on low stake! :)))

I was thinking about this. We can lower the hight of the stakes, but thats not enough. How are you thinking about this?

In low a few rooms (4-6 including the heads-up rooms) where only low stake players have access to play. Rest of the rooms in low access for all low - medium and high stake players.

In medium stake few rooms (4 and the head-up room) where only medium stake players have access to play and the rest of rooms for all medium and high stake players.

In high few rooms ( 3) where only high stake players with less then 500k on the bank have access to play. Other rooms for all high stake players.

I dont see a problem, but Happi,this looks really good

I think this is an important discussion, and I’d like to get more feedback from players. So please tell us how you think we should change the low/medium and high stake lobbys…

oke Delete all stake first 1. Make some "low stake " like mini poker room. a, buy in free all the time, but sign out with zero chips b, for limited time , like 6 month player can play here.

c, if user want can go any time to “real” playchips ofc d, no medium or high anymore but show the replaypoker rank under name

This way old good players wont bother new users. This way some bingo players can have a fun , less cheaters, becouse they cheat for thet bingo play, they love thet. Users barely cheat when they got 100k or over.

I got more idea on this and more reasons, but you tell me whats yours!

i don’t fully understand what you’re out for but about the “bingo play” You must be referring to the total mania rooms. Well, the name of the room says it all: “total mania”. As you can see these tables are very popular and i must say i find them really fun and easy to make chips on lowstake. I think you have no right to complain about how the poker is being played in such rooms. In medium stake these rooms can be your downfall. Problem is, most are playing on these tables, so often it lets you no choice. In highstake both type of games are popular and i don’t see much of a problem in the total mania rooms there, it’s completely your own choice to go on there and gamble.

I would recommend, what I’ve already said, bring back the minimum stakes for medium and high and i think it’s good to remove the total mania rooms from medium!!! As with a low stake it’s very unreal to play in this room, and with big stakes should move on to high. I think this will be a very good stimulation to make highstake more active and popular and also give low stakers a better chance to advance. Once they have reached 45 000 chips they can start to play regular medium tables versus other players with aprox 45 tot 300 k with a max bring of like 20 000.I dont think rooms with max bring of 20 000 will be attractive to high stake players, About as fair as it can get.


bingo play I call when new users like to learn play poker and some other old player keep all in any room.

total mania popular becouse old players start play there, new players dont have to much to do, but go there.

Im not complain, but new users leave after they lost the first 2500.

Users ask first for “all in or fold” rooms , not “total mania”.

I have the feeling we all 3 think the same.

To get medium stake (dosnt matter if its 45k or 75k) is not the problem. You can play low rooms in low stake and be patient or play mania in low and take some risk. Or play tours.

When you play your cards and not your luck you get the medium stake. You can do it in 1 day or in 1 month.

The problem starts after that.

In medium stake, the most players are playing in mania rooms. The rooms are populair. But its never good when you are just medium.

What i dont understand is why players with a bankroll of 100k dont take a seat in low medium rooms. Like Gold Spades When 1 sit down others will come. Maybe it take some time. But when those rooms are used more often, players will sit down easier and faster.

We can make the difference between the min buy-in and max buy-in some rooms a bit smaller.

Mania is more for fun, if you cant take the risk to lose chips, better play first in regular rooms. When you have chips enough you can try mania rooms.

The fun of Replay is the different types of rooms, but you have to choose the room that fits in your bankrol.

You mean 2 lobby’s? 1 for free chips (always free buy in and sign out zero) 1 real chips.

that’s why im saying, remove the total mania rooms from medium

half of the players playing on those rooms have more then 3 mil stake up to 200!!! research it for yourself. i can understand its fun to play on medium when you have nothing to lose. besides, who wants to go sit alone in gold spades waiting for someone to play 20 minutes heads up when theres 7 in another room?

imo, highstake is the aim for every player, who doesnt want to get more chips and play on a higher level? that’s why i think its highstake that needs the most stimulation and should be more attractive to play.

imo the old system was perfect. just add a total mania or all in or fold room to low and high and ur done.

Hmm, only remove mania rooms in medium stake lobby Think good option. Then those players goos to high stake.And play there.

And in high stake rooms change some max. buy-ins, difference is to big in some rooms. I hope a few other players react

Well, i see some light:))

In short, I think , low needs 50/100 rooms ,

medium needs fast 1000/2000 and rooms without access high stake plys . Too much unused rooms in all stakes.

But with tournament contents I’m pretty satisfied :wink:



maybe the blinds should be dropped a little in all of the blind mania rooms. maybe by 1/3 or 1/2. that wouldnt be so hard on the new players and would help a little with the bingo players.

Thet rooms for all-in-fold game. Change it you loose thet.

I know, I know, users ask for all-in-fold game, thets not it.

personally I would delete mania rooms, put all-in-fold rooms in medium and high only.

But looks no user comment on this.

Bottom line: low stake big blind mania not good for new users. If new users leave : then no RP soon.

you have a good point marcipan

new players are just as important