What multi table software are some of these players using?

I see some players playing 4 to 5 tables at the same time. Does anyone know the best software?

There isn’t any “special” software.

Open as many tables as you wish (from the lobby), or as many as your computer or browser will support, and start playing.

I find it helpful to move away from the lobby as soon as I have finished opening my tables - I normally go to my profile page or statistics page - because the regular updates seriously slows down my computer.



I play four tables at once sometimes, I just put the different screens in different corners of my computer screen to play them all at once, you just need to adjust the size of the window.

Geez, I can barely keep up with 2–so I hardly ever do it. My hat’s off to you uber tablers.


I have 2 monitors linked to my laptop as I am working from home so easy for me to play 4 games

if just playing on my laptop 2 is what works for me


more tables = more hands, more chips, and more fun :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


There are times I do wish I was playing 2 games because the action is so slow. However, I find that is often because a couple of other players are playing multiple games. I often wonder if they are slowing up the other games they are in as much as the one that includes me. I know it is considered bad form to comment on a player’s slowness, but it is damned hard when you have several at a table that let the timer count all the way down each hand. But, hey, at least THEY are having fun, right? I’ve little doubt that the other tables they are on are suffering as well. This complaint is generally confined to SnG and MTT play since I can control it some in ring games by picking a table that plays more hands per hour.

I know I’m just pissing in the wind here. Seems to be just a fact of life on Replay.