Your site and servers

could not get on hi blind game on the new site went back to the old one. You people need better servers and faster speeds for one am getting fed up with this poker site I have had lots of problems One has been being the hi blind two times in arrow several time now.

Yesterday we had some minutes of downtime caused by a server issue, that was probably the reason you couldn’t get on the game - apologies for that, we’re still looking into the cause. When you mentioned about being high blind two times in a row, do you mean in a tournament, you’re the big blind twice in a row, perhaps because someone new is joining the table between hands? Let me know, we have an issue about seating of late registration player that may be causing this, does it sound like that’s the reason?

Paul, I had it happen to me today … Big blind 3 in a row … That is the reason … late seating … or at least it was in this instance. Frustrating, but it should even out over time. JohnInFlorida

You’re about evening out over time, but it’s frustrating if you land in the wrong seat. I’ve got it on our to-do list, I’ll push it up to the top so we get if fixed fast!

We’ve now fixed this, nobody will have to pay the blinds multiple times due to late registrations or rebalancing of the tables during a tourney.