Im on lucky 8 table right now having problem being sat out again like allways was doin very well it wont let me back in please help


This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled BEYOND FEELINGS. fix your site please it cant b my pc cuz it only lets me bet on crap hands folds me out of everything else i would have won sum big hands if it had not done this 2 me lucky i had enough chips 2 keep me in to at least place so i didnt lose out completely this time but it seems the better i do the more it screws me over i really think i had a good shot at placeing very well to nite but it just would not let me play through tourny was lucky 8s review it and u will see what im talkin about getting sooooooo frustrated at this prblem ready to throw pc across the room PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM

Just discussing it now with the tech team jeffreydad, we can see a few errors generated last night that could explain why you had problems. We’ve got some ideas how to fix it. Please be patient, rest assured we listen very closely to player feedback and getting these issues fixed is our no.1 priority before adding any new features to the site. Thanks for your understanding.

I’m having the same problem for awhile now and just quit turning it in.

When was the last time that happened to you RandyMc?

The last time it happened was the 3rd 2nd and be for that. Everything is fine during the day never have a problem until lucky 8;s and from then on. Last month at least has been bad. I quite turning it in and log out. it seems to be when more people come on it happens

Thanks for the info Randy, that’s helpful.