Not happy

I just started playen walking dreams tourn. and about two hands in. the game booted me and moved me in seating when i went back. thanks cook123

Hi cook123

No sure what you mean. Your table closed after 2 hands? Or you stayed on table but went in sit out because you was not able to click the buttons?

You had the problem only in the beginning of the tourney? The first table you played on? Could not see your first hands (saw couple of hands back, could not see the hands of your first table) You played the rest of the tourney without problems?

cook123, when you say it booted you, did it say disconnected then you had to re-open the table? By that time, perhaps the tables had reshuffled and hence you were in a different seat. If you feel that this affected your chances of winning, don’t hesitate to email Andrew at describing what happened and he can investigate and issue you a refund.

Yes I think it re-shuffled my seat and I had just begun the tourney so it seemed really early for a seat change and kept me from playing. Just seems it was not neccessary to re-shuffe people so early in the tourney.

Yeah I agree that’s kinda odd. Has anyone else noticed this happen? I’m wondering if it has something to do with players registering late. You said it kept you from playing, but couldn’t you just re-open your table?