What the hell is going on with tourney connections

June 12 i bought in two differentg tourneys havnt played a hand and blinds are going up please refund starting chips for both tourneys what the hell 10000 and expensive fun 50000, if not refunded never play replaypoker again and give really bad reviews

Everyone in the tournament is having the same frustration as you. This has happened before and replay has refunded the chips to everyone in the tournament. They just need to be notified. I am sure it is a glitch that will be fixed in the near future.

me 2 never got 2 play a hand what up ???

For some reason I presently cannot connect to a table. It will load and get to the “Connecting” stage, and keep flashing…

The problem is solved. All rooms are open again and the tours are running. Lost tour buy-ins will be refunded.

Greetings Happiness.