Big blind twice in a row

This an example where i was the big blind twice in a row 58385596 and 58385572 I had complained about this issue earlier

It happens sometimes. With players jumping tbles mtt. If u read the site disclaimer it says,that that can happen sometimes. Its unfortanate bug bur it happens. Thet hand “MONKEY888” seat out big blind. Thets why blind pass on you. Next hand, “MONKEY888” was the small blind ( thets not payed) I think the gap should you not “jonmike777”

So its two thing wrong, “MONKEY888” should pay small, you none, “jonmike777” big. The question is to you, do you pre click call or call any? Just make things clear to the IT.

Ziggy I don’t think it is bug in the program, but rather a programming issue. Being a big blind twice or more in a row is not a real poker experience. The program should immediately adjust to player changes. I have even been the big blind three times in a row. That’s not right.

Marcipan, the answer to you is I never pre-click call or call any. Good question!

Thanks, I sent email to staff members about it. As I checked all game several times, check the chip count and all seat out and back…

I think it is a bug. Its hard to see and more hard to reproduce/see , what is important to solve it. Thanks

Thanks Cyberborikua for reporting this. We have one or two other minor outstanding bugs to do with the blinds, so I’m going to add these examples now to our existing support ticket. It may well be the same issue. Then we’ll aim to resolve these issues some time this month. Sorry about that!

It took us longer to get round to fixing this then I’d have liked. But I’m pleased to report today we finally fixed the issues with the blinds. Thanks Cyberborikua for your assistance in identifying the problem.