I entered a tournament 2 min. b4 start with 19 players registered. I waited for green in the lobby. 2 min after start there were 21 players registered, and my light was still red. when it turned green i was already out of blind chips b4 i was acually seated. After 4 hands i was re seated two consecutive times, and was not able to play four hands. Thats really frustrating! Also 21 players 2 min after start, and 39 players in when i got a seat???

hey @MRGOLF, could you tell me what page did you have the issue? Was it on the page or on the tournament popup?

Sorry about the issue, we will look into it.

When you mentioned about a green and red light, where exactly on the site were you?

I regestered 5 min. b4 the tourn. started.

I waited in the tourn. lobby untill the green light came on several mins. after the tourn. started. my green light always comes on several mins. after the start. I’m never actually seated, and able to play untill after tthe tourn has started, and often blind chips are allready deducted. If it is that way for everyone else then it 's fine.

waiting in the tourn. lobby.