Wife Account

Question: If my wife opens an account, will we get banned because we’re in the same IP address?

Hi James,
Your wife can open account at the same IP address, but you must play on different tables.
Best of luck to you both!

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Is it play on different tables or not play at the same time ? I learned different when I was a player representative. If 2 players are playing in a multi table tournament from the same IP address they could eventually end up at the same table and bring up the possibility of collusion even if they are not. I pretty sure Rob said different in a meeting we had.

In ring tables and sit & go tournaments it is different tables at the same time. In MTT tournaments where tables are random they are allowed to play.

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In case others have a query regarding this situation, this is a copy of the rules:

Restrictions for players in the same location

In order to prevent collusion, players that are in the same location cannot play in Ring Games or Sit & Go Tournaments together. We are able to identify this information using your IP address.

Please note this restriction only applies to Ring Games and SnGs. Multi-Table Tournaments with 10 or more participants are not subject to this IP restriction.


Hello everyone! I’m the wife :innocent: