Monthly leaderbord

How is it possible that you can login from all the computers you want, with the same login at the same time ? So you can manipulat the monthly leaderbord, the hole family can play an other tournament at the same time

Family members can play in the same tournament if the tournament have a certain player number. If you think some abuse this, please file a report and RP will check it. tx

not the same tournement, but other tournaments too at the same time

leaderboards based on each individual account, so, play in different tour with different account not make these players more advanced on the leaderboards. RP try to make fair to all players, ofc some rules can be beneficial for some player, some rules beneficial to others. I cant see how this can be abused by players from the same household. Actually this designed bring more players to the tables , what is beneficial to all.

I’m sorry you can’t play different tours with the same account on different computers